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Hak5 Team at freerainbowtables.com


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I just found that nice BOINC Projekt at <a href="http://www.freerainbowtables.com" target="_blank">http://www.freerainbowtables.com</a>

They are creating Rainbow tables for MD5, NTLM and LM.

And while was looking at the existing Teams, I didn't found an Hak5 Team which made sad :(

So I just wanted to ask if there are some people intrested in forming an Hak5 Team :)

I am down...however i think it would be absolutely awesome if we could come up with some way of using our own distributed system to crack hashes for what our users need sort of like a hybrid of this and the clustering darren showed last season

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what if someone made an always on system... rainbows@home anyone?! (like folding@home)

I have no clue what you mean, sorry :(

There was once an interesting IRC Bot where you could lookup hashes from RB-Tables. That is pretty cool if you got inet access but not the space or the bandwith to download a complete table.

I'm not at home at the moment so could somepne else from the team? Or you have to wait till thursday ;-)

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They must have just started the DistrRTgen project because i didn't see it on their page before. Good find!

That was what I was talking about from the start :blink:

I created a Hak5 Team now, I hope someone will join :huh:

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