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  1. omg a bot noo and i thought i find a nice sweet girl by accident ;)

  2. Yeah sure so you give the usb key which is just performing the admin login via keystrokes to everybody and why would that cut down the number of people knowing the password? Not the best idea to use the rubber ducky
  3. Just some ideas to identify if the new USB could be a rubber ducky attacker: - First verify if there are already HUID devices aktiv. - You can set a limit to a number of allowed HUIDs, if the number is exceeded, new interfaces will be blocked. Combined with your recognition method, it would be a good defense, when the system is already running. Also you could watch a the input speed and set a limit to allowed keystrokes per second, not that you should watch every keystroke, only a adjustable number in a random time interval, like every x min watch the input speed for 100 strokes. If it
  4. The name of the team is ofcourse Hak5 :) btw. My machine is currently not running, but i hope it will be online again soon
  5. That was what I was talking about from the start I created a Hak5 Team now, I hope someone will join
  6. Ok maybe I'm totally wrong but isn't http://www.freerainbowtables.com something like folding@home? I don't see the difference
  7. Nescire


    I just found that very cool tool called UCSniff. You can capture complete voip calls with video :D And I think it would be really cool to run this on the interceptor. I don't have one myself, but maybe someone else is interested in trying it and share his results :)
  8. I have no clue what you mean, sorry :( There was once an interesting IRC Bot where you could lookup hashes from RB-Tables. That is pretty cool if you got inet access but not the space or the bandwith to download a complete table. I'm not at home at the moment so could somepne else from the team? Or you have to wait till thursday ;-)
  9. I just found that nice BOINC Projekt at http://www.freerainbowtables.com They are creating Rainbow tables for MD5, NTLM and LM. And while was looking at the existing Teams, I didn't found an Hak5 Team which made sad :( So I just wanted to ask if there are some people intrested in forming an Hak5 Team :)
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