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  1. I would love to deal with it that way. Unfortunately that has already been attempted and failed. Also, for fun they happen to be the child of one of our managers and the one closest to being our h.r. manager to boot. I need hard conclusive proof that a significant portion of time is being squandered.
  2. I have been getting some feedback from my staff concerning the amount of time that a Particular employee is spending on sites unrelated to their work, i.e. banking, facebook, tax preparation, etc. What would you recommend? I have included a poll for a summary. I was hoping for comments as to which of any particular kind works best as well.
  3. if you are using windows just connect with a cable and fire up friefunk (sp?) ive had to do that probably a half dozen times
  4. I am down...however i think it would be absolutely awesome if we could come up with some way of using our own distributed system to crack hashes for what our users need sort of like a hybrid of this and the clustering darren showed last season
  5. I have a mac os x keychain file that i need to get the contents of (i.e. usernames and passwords) I have all three types of os'es at my disposal but need to find some way of cracking that file without knowing the password I know that it is not going to be an easy endeavour but this is something i really need to do ...
  6. http://sven.killig.de/openwrt/slugterm_dl.html Setting up a screen in DDWRT I unfortunately already own a fon and a fon + why not make it all three .... I am not good enough to do it myself. But i am certain one of you is ...
  7. I am trying to do an interceptor like box but for security protection rather than access. I am thinking for this kind of horsepower I will need to use a full linux box and not an OpenWRT (well maybe x86 OpenWRT). I really want to have a transparent bridged network device. That blocks TCP and UDP traffic to specific ports. Anyone know where I could find instructions to do that? -Hurricane
  8. I am sure i am missing something painfully obvious ...however when trying to flash the fon+ I do the : load -r -b %{FREEMEMLO} openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma i get a : Using default protocol (TFTP) TFTP timed out 1/15 Can't load 'openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma': operation timed out any help would be greatly appreciated... -Hurricane
  9. Rageguy ... you are my Hurricane's hero of the day a prestigious honor that bestows neither prizes nor recognition from anyone but me -Hurricane
  10. it couldnt find one that worked for me ... so i am creating one i dont want to learn cuda right now so its just coing to be threaded .net oh well.
  11. My understanding is such that Rainbow tables only work for a specific salt (preferably none) and therefore wouldnt really help me much. The second is that the demo is MD5 and that site only seems to have MD5 based software. I would be happy to be wrong about all this ...so let me know if i am -Hurricane
  12. I loved watching the GPU accelerated Hash Cracking...however I have a problem...I have a salted sha1 hash that i need to be able to get the passwords back for a whole bunch of SHA1 Salted Passwords (ASP.NET membership to be exact) Does anyone know of a tool that can do this for me? also i just got a killer machine and want to flex its muscle -Hurricane
  13. For those of you interested...it looks as though i have been able to reflash using freifunk... from there i should be able to reinstall...
  14. So I had jasager working on the fon+. But it wasn't behaving well so I tried to tweak some webif settings and totally boned it. Any genius know how to reset all the webif settings. If I can't get fon to give ip or respond on any pings anywhere. Wan LAN or wifi
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