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  1. i noticed the $50 a month membership. it does seem like a cool resource, but i was more interested in starting a general computer/security kind of group. the hive76 guys are more into the electronics and circuitry kinda stuff. i don't think i'd want to meet at a best buy, but thanks for the suggestion. i was thinking a more private atmosphere, as some of the subject matter may be taken the wrong way by eavesdroppers, or people looking for geek squad tech support. i'd imagine that bringing a "pineapple" into a best buy some red lights might start going off, to say the least. the group i would like to get going would be open to the public and without a membership fee. we could discuss the latest goings on with computer and network security, software and devices for pen testing, and just general computer and network related juice. and it would be a cool way to meet like minded folks in the area
  2. Awsome! Can you elaborate on the existing hackerspaces (btw, what's a hackerspace). I'll read into hive76 cause I've never heard... Once I get a little more interest we can collab and decide on a convenient destination
  3. anyone interested in starting a meetup group in the Philadelphia region? i'm a net admin in the area and i'd like to get something going if there are like-minded folks in the area. please let me know if you're interested and if you have any thoughts of convenient times and places. i'm thinking monthly evening meetups with open discussion and show and tell :) thanks!
  4. if you have an ip conflict, run top, kill the pid for dnsmasq as stated above, down karma then run dnsmasq as root as stated above.
  5. understood. i do have a post in the other forum relating to the fon and my scenario. unfortunately the way cain works, i dont know that it could be used in this manner
  6. jdigit3l


    netresident kills all the machines ive installed it on, is a bit flakey with client acquisition, and is more than $300 (im requesting a refund)
  7. i want to set up cain to capture traffic on the gatway if possible. i dont know of any other way then to tell cain to look at traffic from a host and route it through my machine.
  8. more specifically, what would be the most desirable configuration to use the fon in? should i have a computer as a gateway and capture packets on it, or would a network hub along with a different machine on the same segment work better? if that was the case, how would clients get their respective ips? ive seen people bring up installing a dhcp server on the gateway, but they didnt elaborate on the benefit or reason. i seem to be having issues getting clients connected and going through with the ip assignment. clients attempt to connect but dont get an ip and move on. every now and again a client will pull an ip, but there doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to it? a little direction would be appreciated
  9. how would one configure an arp spoofing situation with just the gateway node? with two interfaces, im not sure cain can route between the two interfaces. and with cain running, it typically messes with dhcp requests when running in arp spoof mode also, i dont have a gateway configured on the gateway machines lan port, nor do i have a gateway on the fon, is this correct? i can ping out from the fon and resolve dns... just want to clear some things up with data acquisition !!
  10. oh, and furthur, look into bluejacking/bluesnarfing if you want to have fun with windows mobile devices
  11. there arnt many primarily because noone has ported a solid packet capturing driver for win mobile. some have created proprietary drivers (read airmagnet) but require a specific chipset or card to work properly/at all. that being said, there are tools out there... simple and feature specific. there is also a linux distro that has been around the block for some time called familiar linux. obviously could run things like airpdump/tcpdump and others like kismet and aireplay etc at one time there was a toolkit developed for ppc called tigersuite, but it was nothing special. theres also a version of cain for ppc with limited capablility, and i dont think mao is developing for it any more see http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/ppchack or buy a nokia 770 and get a copy of immunity or get on the bus and grab an eee. netbooks are great for pentesting/audits
  12. understood. could you provide instruction on your method of configuring the lan ports sorry for the n00b factor of my questions
  13. fair enough. what method do you use to set up the interfaces then? do you manually set them through the webif webconsole, then fire up jasager?
  14. yes, but isnt this easily set when you bring the web interface up, karma is set off by default? maybe im missing something, but i can see where youre coming from. i still cant find a way around the uci settings throwing an error after line 4?? any ideas?
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