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  1. I have the following issue with URLSnarf. My SSHFS is working OK, when I create manually hello.txt from turtle's CLI, I can see it in in the server(cloud) under /home/turtle (as explained in the previous video) List of issues; 1- When I want to test URLSnarf, by pressing "Test" under "Configure", I see the message "urlfsnarf: listening on br-lan (tcp port 80 or 8080 or port 3128)". On Windows 7 (where LAN Turtle is plugged-in), when I browse I don't see any activity under URLSnarf. 2- When I choose "Save log to SSHFS if available", press "Submit", go "Back", go "Configure" again, I see the option changed back to "Do not save log files". It seems like it doesn't keep the first option related to SSHFS 3- I can start URLSnarf successfully but I cannot stop it successfully. When I press "Stop", I see the message "Killing URLFSnarf at PID XXXX YYYYY", I press "OK" but it doesn't stop. If I press "Stop" again, I see another IDs. I removed URLSnarf from the modules, added back and the problem continues. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Darren for pointing me to the right direction, I am all set now. Even my Windows 7 and Kali were on the same LAN. The Turtle was on a different LAN. Now I changed the settings, the modules work great.
  3. I got my LanTurtle recently and experience an issue with "netcat-reverse shell". Plugged LanTurtle to my Windows 7 machine (IP My Kali2 is running On Kali, I launch "netcat -l -v -p 8080" and see the message "listening on [any] 8080" message. On LanTurtle, I go to the "netcat-revshell" module, configure it; "Host: and Port: 8080", submit. I go back and click "Start", I see "Starting NetCat Reverse Shell to". I don't get a connection on Kali. Both Kali and W7 machines are on the same LAN and I can ping each other. I experience the same issue with meterpreter. I am not sure which step I am missing. Thanks.
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