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Stop H*Commerce


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So this is what Matt was talking aboot. It's kinda interesting. Though, most of what I've seen in the first episode has been covered in other documentary's, at least it's newer. Looks like they are putting out a episode every other week(new one next week) with a total of 6 episodes. The glossary is interesting. It looks like McAfee is doing this to educate people about protecting them self's, But I can only really see this being interesting to people like us.

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Shit I always thought that h-commerce (though did'nt know the proper name of it till now) was a bunch of b.s. talk by the same folks everyone knows that talks about big brother, the gov, and aliens...

Damn.. if they are right on this?! :P

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So as someone who knows nothing about this site, going into it, I can't see what it's about. I watched the trailer, it didn't explain much and it seemed quite sensationalistic. From that video I kind of established that it might've been about scams, fraud, theft, ID theft, etc...? If that's the case, why's it hidden away on the internet? The BBC and other high profile media outlets run stuff about this all the time and they get a crapload more coverage that this site is likely to get. As Seshan said, we're aware of this stuff, but we're the ones most likely to see this video, so who's it really helping?

Edit: Oh, and I've never heard it called H*Commerce before, I suspect that's just a catchy gimmick name.

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