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Haha, I about I just pissed myself


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AOL Log:

[18:20] GHRYGGZ: you've been infected

[18:20] GHRYGGZ: you've been infected

[18:20] bubblegumwoot: with what?


[18:21] bubblegumwoot: Oh noes

[18:21] bubblegumwoot: really whats that?

[18:21] GHRYGGZ: auto destructive registry virus

[18:21] bubblegumwoot: what will it do?

[18:21] GHRYGGZ: take a guess

[18:22] bubblegumwoot: OH NO MR HACKER

[18:22] bubblegumwoot: PLEASE DONT

[18:22] GHRYGGZ: you have just less than 24 hours

[18:23] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

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now seriously i hate people like GHRYGGZ for doing shit like that...

telling people you have sent them a virus is fucking stupid

he was being an asshole and i know that pretending to send viruses is just as bad but as you can tell by the dialogue he didn't believe it for a second

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