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First I wanted to setup an FTP server that I could have friends and family log into and use so I called Comcast and they don't offer static IP's to residential. So could anyone recommend a good cheap FTP host or possibly another solution to my problem? Thanks!

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First of all:

Try DynDns to get a permanent url to your home FTP.

Second: For security reasons think about ftps (Cerberos is free for home use).

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No, don't use normal ftp unless you are just serving files to anonymous users.

sftp's problem been that Windows doesn't have a client otb, yep, it's Windows fault, and yep it's another reason windows is crap. If you are serving files to people who aren't able to use sftp (for what ever reason), but you still need account control, you have few options left.

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Who cares about otb these days? You have the internet, and you can download a shit load of sftp clients for Windows. Thinking like that is backwards.

From a usability stand point not so much. Having to install a sftp client is not quite as easy has clicking at link and it working.

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Easiest solution possible:

Get a DDNS - dyndns and no-ip are my favorites.

HFS - HTTP File Server for Windows with the ability to add multiple users. Nice GUI and works right out of the box.

Rock on.


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Filezilla is free and does sftp. And cross platform, so that is always a nice option.


There is even portable filezilla for windows: http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/filezilla_portable

so having it on a thumbdrive is always a nice plus when you might need to download a file in a pinch and need a secure tunnel to get the download through a filtered/firewalled conenction you are using somewhere other than home.

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