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  1. Yes, and it has worked perfectly on any windows / linux guest(ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, arch) i have ever used on any host operating system. Are you sure you installed the guest additions correctly?
  2. Or just change the root password to something usable through sudo passwd.
  3. I would personally just get this one since it is only $4 more, and because I have the exact model and love it. http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Original-Al...U/ref=pd_cp_e_1
  4. Just setup squid on the adito server and tunnel the proxy.
  5. It is done with Openvpn. You could just do it with the free, open-source version of openvpn. You will get an unlimited number of clients, but configuration may be slightly tough. Openvpn-als is the easiest way to go if you just need two clients or are willing to pay for 12+ You could do a squid HTTP proxy and use Adito to route the port to clients using SSL, but that doesn't encrypt every single connection leaving the machine like Openvpn can.
  6. Okay PoZHx, most people probably don't need more than the default firewalls in the operating systems and router. But, if you are downloading somewhat sketchy software often enough, it is nice to have a good firewall to block outgoing connections, which all windows firewalls do a pretty crappy job with. A good antivirus helps aswell.
  7. That's funny, I was just playing around trying to get iso's to boot on my grub2 pendrive when I came across the site you posted. I was about to post it until I saw that you already did. I still haven't managed to get a BT4 iso to work. Comes up with an error about not being able to mount drive sda7, but I never even specified that it should mount any drives. Furthermore, I even disabled hd automounting with the nohd kernel option. Still trying to figure this one out. Anyway, got memtest, konboot, ubuntu livecd, spinrite, and avira antivirus working on the drive. BT4 is really starting to annoy me though.
  8. Yea, I used to look at that. The only problem with the Hyperdrives(at least the ones I looked at), used old, more expensive DDR ram, and the enclosure was really expensive.
  9. default 1 timeout 10 color cyan/blue white/blue title Kon-Boot map --mem /konboot.img (fd0) map --hook chainloader (fd0)+1 map (hd1) (hd0) map --hook rootnoverify (fd0) title Memtest kernel /memdisk initrd /memtestp.img title BackTrack 4 root (hd0,0) kernel /bt4/boot/vmlinux initrd /bt4/boot/initrd.gz
  10. Anyone know why grub won't look at my flash drive when looking for boot files. For some reason it looks at the main hard drive on the pc so I can't boot anything on the hard drive. Any thoughts?
  11. Anyone get errors finding files on the drives. I have the files and their names spelled out exactly as they show up on the drive, but not dice. Grub cannot find any of the files on the drive whatsoever.
  12. Yep, which means you can test them all and see which is ideal.
  13. If you want complete control over separate screens, then your best bet would be two separate computers. If you can put up with a single tuner card with dual tuners, you could watch shows on two different screens, but remote control would be difficult.
  14. Can't forget Xen / XenServer in a hyper-visor competition.
  15. The problem is, it is going to cost you 1 - 2 hundred $ for the Tuner cards. Now, you could get away with having a dual tuner card on one computer with media center, and streaming the content of one of the tuners to another computer. That would be a pain though. If you can figure out how to maximize media Center on two monitors then you are in luck.
  16. Pretty much. It's not like the closed source non-disclosed environment is better anyway. Just look at Windows and all of its vulnerabilities. There have been a few rumors spreading around recently though. We will see what happens.
  17. Yea, I also saw this earlier and thought it was just a prank. Better safe than sorry though.
  18. haha, I'm running a file server on a 233mhz PII with 256mb dram and it runs fine with xubuntu. Good old Dell XPS =p. I'm sure arch will be easy enough for that machine.
  19. What happened to the hacker community? This is a hacker community, just not a black hat hacker community. We hack software and hardware to do as we wish while abiding by rules and regulations. You obviously didn't read his post * unauthorized monitoring of data or traffic on any network or system without express authorization of the owner of the system or network; this would include use of sniffers or SNMP tools;
  20. Comodo is by far the best software firewall I've used. For a hardware firewall, I would go with smoothwall or dd-wrt on routers.
  21. I haven't tried hooking up another motherboard because I don't have one to spare. I'm not sure If it would be a great idea to hook up the power supply to my gaming rig, especially considering what is in it. The other problem is, I have no way to knowing if it will crash again because I haven't been able to get it to crash in 3 days of running extensive processes on it. Even if I did have another motherboard I wouldn't know if it would crash.
  22. Well, thats basically what CPU burn and the gpu stress tester do. They work the CPU and GPU like crazy trying to get them to consume as much energy as possible.
  23. I have this old HP computer from around 2004 that is having what I think to be power supply issues. When I test the powersupply with a multimeter, the voltage output seems to meet ATX 2.2 specs. The thing is, the computer will randomly power down during peaks in activity and I have no way of figuring out what is causing it. I have tried CPU burn and a GPU stress tester, but none of these programs can cause the computer enough strain to shut down. I've tried two completely different graphics cards and the computer is still shutting down. I've checked the motherboard to make sure everything is seated properly and even reseated the RAM. I have a spare corsair VX550 sitting around but I need a test to prove that the power supply is the cause of the issues. Any ideas?
  24. Actually, you should be able to guess a range of ports that the data will be sent on, as this is usually established in the ftp config file.
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