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Don't start windows explorer


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Modify the shell value at hklm\software\microsoft\windowsnt\currentversion\winlogin so its empty?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

keyname: Shell

Type: String

Is the full key. This will replace it for all users. For a per user setting.


create the key if neccesary.

You can set it to anything you want. On my picture frames I set it to John's background switchers. On the kids media player I set it to winamp.

One thing to note. If you use ctrl+alt+del to run a explorer you've got a 50% chance that it will start in shell mode instead of file manager mode.

If you don't like working with the registry you can find quite a few "shell switchers", "shell managers" that will do it for you.

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Can anyone think of a way to stop windows from starting explorer on load. I know that I could just kill it but thats a waste of recourses on an already slower computer.

BTW: this is for win2000 if it matters.

Go to:

hkey_local_machine\software\Microsoft\Windows nt\current version\winlogon

in your registry and replace explorer.exe with command.com

You'll have a nice Dos windows open on logon and no annoying GUI

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replace explorer.exe with command.com

I'm running this in a kiosk mode, so i just replaced it with an invalid path "expoorerr.exe"

Also the Key in windows 2000 wasn't in the windows NT folder, it was in the windows/current version folder.


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Hey just a tip. I'm doing this for an arcade cabinet. Games run a little faster, and MAME starts up MUCH faster without having to load explorer. The one problem that I ran into was that if you don't run explorer NONE of the start up programs run. This is good for keeping the start time down, but now there is no way to run MAME.

I found that if you place mame (or a linker exe) in the same directory as explorer you can run that instead by entering its name in the registry (replacing Explorer.exe)

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Isn't there a linux-mame distro? Could just use that instead? Probably be faster and lightweight than windows, so long as your GPU is supported. I think Wess did this with his arcade cabinet, but not positive it was linux.


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