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  1. Has anyone taken credit for the hack? Also, is it just my imagination or is there a "anti-hak5" movement? I mean seeing exploits with terms and conditions like "You can do whatever you want with this code unless you're a Hak5 fan..."
  2. Well got my Fon yesterday, two of them actually. Me and a co-worker installed openwrt and jasager on it last night at work... Easy as pie... actually, pie* is harder to make. We laughed are heads off when we saw our boss' laptop connect to it. Our boss was also pleased, and asked us to play around with a few more. Gonna order some fon+ next month. Great project you have there digininja... I'll post (if no one minds) our adventures with the fons. They may get used in our work enviroment. *was easy using Windows, but took a bit longer from a Mac.
  3. hehe Yes it would be. Like someone mentioned, always better to be polite and not use big words. Also something like this would make better sense for something like pidgin or other openfire client. Next you use VB.. don't go C# :)
  4. I wouldn't say I'm a "fanboy", but the phone does what I want it to do... and I can play doom on it :) But to each his own. alphonsegreen. I haven't found anything. If I do I'll let you know, but don't hold your breath I don't have that much time really.
  5. Should look up Cydia apps.. maybe you'll find what you're looking for. Of course, you'll need to jailbreak your phone. I did, and I love it even more!.. then again I jailbroke it about 2 mins after I purchased the darn thing...
  6. Go to: hkey_local_machine\software\Microsoft\Windows nt\current version\winlogon in your registry and replace explorer.exe with command.com You'll have a nice Dos windows open on logon and no annoying GUI
  7. Thanks for the info Digi... heck even if I don't get to play with my neighbors I can always just test it in the comfort of my own home.... think the wife may prefer that to me going out with a pineapple under my arm ;) Gonna order the darn thing tomorrow... Thanks again.
  8. Thx for the reply. My neighbors would be my intend targets to see this thing in action. I mean I have no real reason to actually use the pineapple... just curiosity really. Anyway, I'm happy I wasn't totally in the dark on the subject, and odds are plugging it in my router should work as an alternative to sharing my internet connection from my laptop. Thanks for the heads up on "connect to the strongest available"... I imagine installing a better quality antenna could help. Thanks for the reply...
  9. Hello there, well I got a question concerning Fon & Jasager. The whole idea of Jasager sounds interesting, and I'm curious to try it out and see it work. My problem may sound simple to some, but I have troubles wrapping my head around something. So I'll just explain the concept the way I understand it, and someone correct me if I'm wrong.. here it goes. (let's assume I've installed everything on the Fon successfully) users connects -> Jasager/Fon -> my router / DSL connection -> internet. So the user when unknowingly connecting to Jasager, is getting access to the internet via Jasager which in turn is getting the Internet via my own Internet connection. Correct? Basically, if I understand this right, I plug-in the Fon in my router like any other device. And if it's running jasager, people connecting to it will have internet access. ..man hope i'm making sense... If I connect to the jasager web-interface (via wifi), I'll be able to see connected users. And if I follow Hak5 episode 4x12, if I run ferret & hamster I'll be able to see their sessions. Am I missing something here? Or am I in left field... Other question: What happens if a user's wireless connection is actually in reach? Will they still connect to the Jasager instead? Say, my laptop connects on SSID linksys. If linksys is in range and Jasager is in the area will my laptop connect to Jasager first? Or my normal wi-fi connection?
  10. First time poster here, nice site and I'm happy to have rediscovered the show (my GOD it's changed since the last time I watched it!!!) Anyway, after reading this thread I suppose no one tried building a small 5v power regulator and attaching that between a battery pack and the Fon. Once I order my Fon, I'll be doing this. Figure that the regulator will supply the Fon with a steady 5v, which is later dropped to 3.3v by the Fon's circuit. Would also permit to add many more batteries so I suppose longer life... Of course this is all theory on my part. The only times I've built these 5 volt regulators were to power LEDs displays in various objects. What I'd like to know is, how many amps those the Fon use? Since my idea of using a 7805 for the regulator, it would need a heat sink for anything over 1amp. Have a good day guys... I hope to learn and eventually contribute in the future.
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