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Win7 - Open File Warning


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I installed Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire One. The problem is that, it came with XP and all the drivers are for XP/Vista not windows 7. I installed the Synaptics TouchPad drivers that are for XP.

The problem is that when I log in and the small utilites start up that make the extra touch pad features like scrolling and multi-touch. I get prompted everytime to allow them to run. Like you do in XP/Vista when you download a file from the internet. And no matter how many times I uncheck "Prompt me about this in the future" button I still get it.

And even if I go to the files and try to uncheck the same option in the properties, it rechecks it the next time i look at it.

Anyone to permanently remove that?

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yah, vako is right, you can get generic synaptic drivers all day for vista/7 from their site (hell it should work out the box with 7 anyways... why did you install the drivers? unless you want your multitouchness, in which your just going to have to go get the modded vista/7 drivers)

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It's not a UAC issue, at least i don't think it is. Because you get a similar warning in XP when opening files that you downloaded from the internet.

I tried installing the drivers from Synaptics website, but they are two generic and don't have the extra features that I really like. The XP Drivers install and run fine, I think its just an issue with how the installer installed the files, so that they appear to be downloaded and are questionable so Win7 prompts you about it.

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