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1994 pc super upgrade


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Not sure if any body will find it interesting or not but, I figured what the hey i'll post it any ways.

Dell XPS R450 has a bios the limits what CPUs you can put in it because the voltage regulator on the motherboard has limited capabilities.


very helpful once you’v read this you should be able to follow me.

First I got an Fc-Pga to Fc-Pga2 converter it looks almost just like this I grabbed it off ebay for cheap.


Then i got a 1.4ghz Celeron Sl6JU



staying as close to the power regulations as possible it runs 1.5 volts and runs pretty well you also might like to know that this mother board also runs 512mb the dell document for this mother board doesn’t even mention 512 simply because 256mb ram sticks didn’t exist back then, I haven’t tried any higher amounts of ram.

here it is all sandwiched together


A Screen Shot of the My Computer properties


It's pretty stable actually and I've only had it crash once or twice and it runs pretty well paired with a more recent pci graphics card. the newer gfx card didn't raise fps for WoW so much but seemed to run doom2 and halo smoothly how ever i think it's reaching it full potential with system memory at 512. any who here is the card


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I read the article and then had hunch and bought the parts i id it for fun really and i use it some too i have a little over 7 PC's that i'v acquired for free and then build them fixed em up etc plus when i my brother visits some time we play LAN. thanks for the props. My futue plans are to see if it can actually run more than 512 mb system ram.

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not at all was ranting about not being able to read default.ini or something couldn't fix it so i took it off cause i didn't feel like mess'n. The last time i played it fine however i had problems with it using the normal short cut. I did how ever get it to run for a little bit at maximum setting it would lag for a half a second every so often other than that probably almost 30 ore more fps max gfx. i'll try putting it back on and see how that goes for my amusement plus sometimes i play multi and could use it for lan.

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