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Suggestions for old keyboard


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Okay so i got a new keyboard today (well not really new its a IBM Model M SpaceSaver that i picked up for 4 bucks today) And now i have this Micro Innovations one: http://www.mic-innovations.com/details.cfm?id=KB300X

ANy suggestions on what to make with it? Besides Painting it or compleatly destorying it? I'll post pictures of the Final resault with whatever i do with it.

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Okay so im Going to do the LED light thing but i might also take stingwrays idea and put USB and headset and mic down the side for easy accesss, any suggestions on how to go about this? FOr the LED's Im going to go with the Red and Blue or 2000mcd 3mm Violet UV LED TO match my case. Not sure deponds on how much money i can get. Suggestions diagrams anything would be highly appreicated. :D

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Get some of that plastic which is semi-transparent (i.e. light can pass thourgh it, but it blurs and distorts the light). Cut holes in the tops of all the keys, stick the transparent plastic on to each key.

For the electronics the PS/2 ports might not be able to power the keyboard and the LED array (most likly it can since it can power hard drives). I surgest what you do for the LEDs is glue them all the the bottom of the inside of the keyboard. The wiring of them is going to be prety nightmarish... los of soldering and lots of gluing of wires... actualy, it might (i say might) be easy to glue tin foil to the under side of the second plastic sheet in the keyboard and then have a rudimentry connection system... i surgest you bend the pin on the LET up so when the key is press down the pin acts like a spring... I hope you all found my ideas about the creating this monster usfull ^^

Edit: It would probably be better to drill holes insted of cut holes in the keys :P

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yea it might just be a tad easier sparda :P though when you said cut i assumed you met drill

Edit: I think i might paint the keyboard purple to go with the lights or black cause it might looks better or red and blue, depedning on what colurs i go with.

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