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I think it determines speed to and from the test server. Though it may be from the same company, thier servers may be spanned over different locations hence the difference in results. Benchmarks are always rough estimates, and various other factors can contribute to the real upload/download speed you get at any given time.

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If someone on your network is downloading stuff, it can skew the results of the test. Geographically the closer a server is the faster you connection test will show. Also what if the same server you connected to got an influx of test at the same moment.

There are many variables to testing connection speed.

Try the test two more times.

once downloading a large file (linux ISO disto) and testing you connection speed

Then another after finishing the download. You'll see the difference in the test.

Why are you testing? For verification of paid for speed or stability of connection?

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Not to mention that speedtests are notoriously inaccurate.

Find a decent mirror and download a Linux distro for a few minutes (or several at once from different mirrors if you can't max out your connection), that should give you some idea of your real speeds.

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++PC hardware, ++modem, ++Plus user configuration make a differnce as well. Not to mention distance, users sharing connections, etc.

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