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based on the changes listed, it wont reduce memory requirements as there just reducing hard drive space requirements and not the number of processes (the part of windows that uses the most memory)

I have tried stripped down versions before and there just as slow as the full vista. you get much more of a speed boost from disabling the useless resource hogging services and startup items

other than a smaller file size, some of them will be badly made and will be unstable when running certain apps, if you want a really light weight OS that runs pretty much every app, get windows xp, it can run on as little as 16MB of memory, and a 200-300MHz cpu

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64mb was a minimum requirement for windows ME, and if you remember as I do what happened about a month after buying that new pc with a miniscule ammount of ram, It basically bends over and sucks itself off (and thus no work gets done...)

going for a lightweight? Try DSL, puppy linux, or jump back in win98 and see what you can do.

btw, win98 is still fairly compatible with some software these days, you can put dx9 on it, and games shouldnt have a problem... hmmm.... win98 gaming pc?!

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