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  1. Hey everybody i was browsing the web and i found this http://www.downarchive.com/software/operat...2-with-sp1.html its a version of vista that uses 3 gigs of hard drive space, 256 mb of ram, its free, and error reporting is disabled. Just thought you might enjoy this
  2. my N64 isnt in the best condition right now and i felt like playing some old games so i got an emulator and i am playing kirby crystal shards, link OOT, paper mario, and also far cry 2
  3. huntr

    GMOD 10

    i used to play Gmod all day but i have moved on to TRON
  4. i have a... PS3 PS2 Fat with Red Devil Graphics Wii N64 green see-through jungle edition (best console ever) and my rig has a... Nvidia nForce 780i SLI Motherboard Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.40 GHz Gforce 9800 GT Akimbo Cooling Cooler Master 850W Power Supply 320Gig Hard Drive 4Gigs of Ram XCLIO A380 5 fans win XP Pro hp vs17 monitor would be better but ran out of money
  5. thats what i ment "cough..."
  6. Ya I think if your willing to go ahead and go Media Center 2005. I don't think its really that big of a difference but go ahead.
  7. Yes my computer can access other web pages and no my ip does not start with 169 but firefox even after being installed refuses to go to any web page but google
  8. I love hak5 and I watch it all the time but on my desktop I can't access the site or the bbs or anything it just says it could not find the server. I can access it on all the other computers on my network just not my main one. Please help!
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