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What other podcasts do you watch/listen to?


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This is what I watch/listen to.

From Rev3:




Totally Rad Show

From Twit.tv (Leo Laporte):

FLOSS Weekly

MacBreak Weekly

this WEEK in TECH

Windows Weekly


Security Now!

this WEEK in FUN (assuming Sarah Lane ever does another)



gdgt weekly

You Look Nice Today

Engadget Podcast

Dawn and Drew Show (I've been listening since episode 20, they're at 828 now!)


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I miss theBroken too.., the second episode should disappear though.

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scam school

every now and then i drop in on cranky geeks, just depends on how long I can stand Dvorak's ranting (also depends if I agree with him, but even if I dont, it's always at least a justifiable rant)

and i guess diggnation here and there (long story but not nearly as good as it used to be)

and ONCE in a blue moon I'll check out Leo Laporte. If it wasnt for him. I would probably be set back in my computer knowledge about 5 years, so I owe it to him to watch, but lately it just seems more painful.

other than these, i like watching the food network and house episodes on fox.com, if that counts :D

and theBroken was the shiz man... ramzi's how to secure a laptop tips was my fav!

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