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There are plenty of "collages" you could get into. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&...sa=N&tab=wi

Just depends on what kind of stuff you like. As for a job, I don't think creating "collages" is going to pay very well. On the other hand, maybe a degree in art would go better in your quest for "collage". You might want to look into a nice "college" for that though. In the field of hacking, one must study many different arts, so I guess collages is just one aspect of that field of hacking. Might I refer you to a good school: http://tinyurl.com/5rjtah

In all seriousness though, look into getting a degree in Computer Science, Networking, Programming, Security, etc, then move on to the hacking stuff. It will make more sense once you know the other general things. CEH and even the Offensive Security courses require you to have some knowledge first before taking their courses.

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Get a job as a sysadmin, learning how systems are used by people will help you understand where the weak points are. Doing a computer science course will teach you how computers work. Download Damn Vulnerable Linux and backtrack 3, then play. Install unpatched windows machines and play. Read more.

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i was originally cs... go into electrical engineering (you learn how to "hack" all sorts of protocols.)

computer science focuses on programming (honestly 80% is oursorced to india), therefore; creates instability for an american cs major (we pay our india workers 9 usd per hour, and they work HELLA fast)

cs majors make about 40k out of college

ee majors make about 80k out of college

ee majors typically nearly have a Batchelor degree in math

encryption reverse engineering usually requires an understanding of math to the extent that u need a doctorate

i love ee cause it is a good stable job market, and i build computers (microcontrollers) and write the software for em

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I graduated with a BS in Telecommunications Management and started a MS in Information Security. The best thing you can do is pick a subject you're interested it, get a degree in it, but also explore topics you didn't cover in lecture. Learn as much as you can related to anything security, even if you don't become an expert, you at least have exposed yourself to a specific topic.

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