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SIM card ripper


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Need help. I got fired after crossing big boss. Management lied and lied about me and twisted little mistakes I did into big stuff. I want to hit the big boss back. I recorded a speech he made on my Nextel I 570 with its digital voice recorder. The guy lied to us all in the speech. No one left at work will cross him. I know the recording is no good in court, but maybe I can get it to the press.

The file is too big to text or email. I have a card reader, SCR 3310. I got the SIM sitting on an old plastic business card and stuck in the reader. I found Data Doctors SIM card manager. I don't have the $70 to pay for it. In this state when you’re fired for doing something wrong, you can't get unemployment.

The Data Doctor SIM reader program see's the SIM, so I know the card and my hacked up 'SIM carrier" are working OK. I just need to pull the data off it and try to pull the recording off it.


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Unless you copied the memory of the phone theres no way the recording would have been saved on the SIM card as they only store like 32KB of data.

Unless that 'mega sim card' idea ever got off the ground to have more storage..

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Gee, has this forum become a crap magnet or what?

Well you are here, so...

Joking a side, no you can't really save that kind of data on your SIM card.

But why can't you just connect your phone to computer via USB cabel?

Or maybe you mean something like (micro)SD card which you can just stick in card reader to get data out.

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yea that's kinda how my current job is... company I work at sets up tons of servers and the ceo really wanted to get someone good with linux/virtualization, and thats when i came along. I do the original setup (typically installing ubuntu headless server, openssh-server, and vmware server 2.) and sometimes help with misc stuff on windows server.

no one other than I know much about linux... not to add i always use a non gui server edition =P.

will be interesting what happens when i leave... (i'm about to leave due to low pay lol)

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