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The NXE update


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I just installed the NXE update on my 360 and I have to say I am very impressed with it. It looks really nice and I think MS have for once done themselves proud with it. Running games from HDD is a really welcome addition to the console, it makes it so much quieter and I found it to have very similar load times to the DVD if not a little bit faster. No longer will there be a jet engine taking off every time you want to play something.

Group private chat is also going to be a very nice addition. That along with party migration from game to game I think will make a huge difference.

Anyone else got opinions on it?

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Talk about horrible timing, my xbox died about a week and a half ago. RROD :( but I found an article on the forum about error codes, and some are fixable, so I'm gonna pull it out of my closet and actually try to get it to work.

But more on topic, my friends who have working 360's are all loving the new Live, and I have to say, I really like the Netflix integration, but that isn't totally new. The HD capability is though, and I can't wait till I get to see what that is like!

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No I wish, I got it given to me by a friend because it got coke spilled on it (luckily it was off). So I took it apart and cleaned it. It worked great for like 6 months. but that voided the warranty. I probly should have just sent it back when he gave it to me lol.

do the x-clamp fix. replace thermal paste and burn it with hairdryer :D worked for me

The NXE is really crap. its just a X-wii. its missing all the l33tness of the old blades. all the controls are in random places and its not arranged very well. its very laggy and buggy - and very noobified. its just fucking crap.

the upload to harddrive tool is crap - wouldnt work for half of my games, and eats up your harddrive space.

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Yeah. I like it :)

Burning discs to HD saved some of my games.

I bought some games, such as Rainbow 6 Vegas from PlayTrade for like £1, badly scratched.

Luckily for me, my xbox still reads it as Rainbow 6 Vegas, but gets "disc unreadable" errors.

Fix? I simply borrowed the game from a friend, ripped it to my xbox HD and use my scratched up version to verify that I own the games. Sorted :)

Mind you, the marketplace is a bit too messy for me. Maybe Im just not used to it..

However some games are optomised to be run from disc, like Halo 3.

Avatars are pretty sweet too. Need more options for customising though. Maybe some more clothes..

Overall, I like it :)

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