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Darren Kitchen

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I've been postponing starting this thread for quite a while since I wanted it to be complete. And after giving ample time to gather my thoughts, it occurred to me that like many things this thread will never be complete.

So without a long-winded look back at Dev5's first failed attempt I'll start by stating that I learned from the experience.

First of all there is a lot of passion and enthusiasm for this show among the community and more talent and vision than I could have hoped to gather. Unfortunately harnessing that energy wasn't my strongest ability. Suffice it to say this show lives and dies by its community. It started as a grass roots project and it very much embodies the efforts of the community. And with a more objective focused Dev5 I believe we can really make something to be proud of.

The first Dev5 started with three goals; develop the content, the network, and the community. While these goals are nice they were too broad to truly take advantage of.

So after pondering the obvious -- crowd sourcing makes for a better show, a better network -- I realized that in order to take advantage of the enthusiasm for the show I'd need to get specific and grow out from there.

So I'm looking for your ideas, your concerns, and volunteers. I'll start with a simple list of items that I think the Dev5 group could tackle and do better than any of us at the HakHouse could individually. And from this I hope to expand upon the idea that is Dev5 until eventually we've got our own Dev5 letter jackets and pick up mad chicks.

==Initial Ideas==

* Create trivia group for development of more difficult trivia questions. (Obviously group will need to be private and members except from winning. A special Hak5 care package awarded for development efforts)

* Community Billboards. Develop the billboards that highlight community projects to air between segments (you've seen 'em, they say things like "have you check out Hak5 irc/radio/etc").

* Sketch development. Submit crazy ideas for the next microshaft innovation or Evil Server intro.

* Voice Over volunteers

* What are you ideas of things we could better crowd source? How would you like to contribute to the show?

Let's start small and see what happens. Also I'm pretty sure the Hak5 Development board is a better place for this thread but I'm looking for greater visibility and I'm not sure how that board needs to be restructured.

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id love to lend a hand if i can lol.

and how about Dev5 2.0BETA until it takes off lol

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