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So i have read another post on almost the same question that dint have the answer i was looking for so ill ask it in my way :P ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu ... so ill add some parameters to my query :P

Top 5 linux distros to make your permanent OS.

(EX: #1: Fakenix- good this, good this, decent this ,good for these ppl, not so great this but can still that :)

(strengths and weaknesses and reasoning, not the one worderz PLZ id like to know why i should chose them not just that you think there top)({i know picky right}) THx in advance . hope u get what im trying to ask :P

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Don't really have a explanation..

But I guess I'm a GNOME fanboy.

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Debian Lenny/Sid

Awesome distro, very flexible, wicked packing system, is a core distro for a lot of other distros (Ubuntu for one).

Maybe the only downside I have had, is with my laptop. Lenny/Sid version of X took a while to fix a major bug, which made my fonts (every) extra large. There was a work around for it though, and it's since been fixed. Did take a long time though.

But overall 9/10 for the distro. I mainly use tty's for my work, but I do use fluxbox, xfce and gnome from time to time.

Why do I use Debian over any other distro? Because I haven't experimented with other distro's all that much yet. I've used maybe 5 other distros, but not for a long period of time, just quick glances, how there packing system works etc. For instance, Red Hat 9 (long long time ago), Gentoo etc. Plan on testing out a lot more distro's in the future, so my "frav" distro could well change.

PS, might be nice if you add a poll to this thread, see what's the most commonly used hak5 distro! :D

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i really dont mean to sound like an ass but if you going to make a post like you did then id suggest you look at the distros that people mentioned, since seeing you said you read many posts. Take those distros and go to the wiki of the different ditros so you know exactly what its about. You can try distrowatch.com then youll see the tope 5 or top hoever much you want lol then on the right it should say if hits went up or down then again you google it to see why

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In all honesty there really isn't much difference with distros. Your choices are pretty much Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE, Redhat/CentOS, Debian, Gentoo (which seems to be falling in popularity) and a variety of minority distro's used by a few thousand people. They all run the same software and support pretty much the same hardware and in practice all do the same thing. The only real difference is the repository's they maintain and the community support they have. There is no point switching between different distros hoping that some minor change will make everything better, just pick one of the big distro's to invest your time in. Then you can use the time your wasting to learn about UNIX and Windows, both of which are things that will get you jobs in the future.

I recommend you pick Ubuntu (vanilla Ubuntu, not one of these downstream trainwrecks), CentOS, Windows Server 2008, FreeBSD and Solaris.

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I agree that community support is the #1 decision factor when picking a distro. But there are reasons to choose different ones based on speciality. Here's my selection...

Ubuntu - Best distro for home desktop use and want something that just works without too much tinkering.

Debian Stable - Solid for server use, with good support. I use a clean install (no gui) for a lot of my firewalls.

Fedora/Redhat Enterprise - When you have commercial linux software or support needs (like when your company's backup solution requires it)

If you're just trying stuff out, live CD/DVDs are awesome. I recommend...


Backtrack 3 - for security/forensic type work

If you really want to learn a hell of a lot, and have lots of time to tinker with, break/fix things... best to brew your own distro following a guide from a site like... http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/

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