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Just a rant, no one would prolly read.


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Although i see the value and joy of having an episode each week, i find that i'm just dowloading the episodes each week and storing them on my media box and telling myself "i'll get to that later". Y'know, i never used to be that way, each month i just couldn't wait for the next episode. Now, well it's just download, skip through it....store it, yeah i'll get to it.

Kinda makes me sad really.

Then i've noticed a lot of new "faces" around the forums and while this is great for building the community up, i guess there's been a lot of, well, silly comments and questions about the place.

I guess if you want subtitles for any language for each episode, maybe people out there could take it upon themselves to DIY.

Frankly, i'm an Aussie and well, as long as the yanks keep speaking english....(and i can't see that changing in a hurry:) ) i'm satisfied with hak5 episodes not having subs, sign language or virtual braille.

yeah so...there's my sunday morning rant.

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Well, I was joking about dubbin and all, but you have to remeber they went to revision 3 bringin in a host of new people. Maybe we should start tlaking gangsta american to through you guys off. but yes i know how you feel, i miss the great eps MODS DAMMIT.

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ya i hear what your saying, although i have watched all there eps i do see the difference. not much modding but i think hak5 is really working on it so ill cut them so slack......also i feel the same way about d/ling the ep's before i couldnt wait until the next 1, i would sit there just waiting for the ep to d/l, but now i d/l it and then watch it later after i have done other things..

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