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  1. I heard that if you say "Packet Squirrel" three times, while looking into a mirror, @Darren Kitchen appears and gives you details.. ....then kills you to keep you quiet.
  2. You are correct; it wasn't dealt with by Hak5, it was DHL who sorted it, and I just paid the customs charges when I received the shipping details- still pretty slick and not onerous.
  3. I've had stuff shipped to the UK with no issues, arrives by DHL and is pretty swift - the tax bill is dealt with by Hak5 before it's shipped.
  4. Love following your Hack Chip builds, you've inspired me to order a Pocket Chip and get modding! I just need it to arrive now!
  5. I imagine not, unless you actually get on to the AP's network and then find it.
  6. Thanks Digip - That actually looks better than the Gnome Tweak Tool method! +1 for the Hak5 forums! :)
  7. Sebkinne - Thank you very much, it would have taken me ages to find those options! It's definitely a lot easier to use now.
  8. Thanks! I'll give that a look :)
  9. Yeah, I've got VMWare tools installed, and it does indeed make Kali run at the QHD+ resolution (3800 x 1800 or something) but Kali doesn't scale icons / txt very well - they all appear tiny. Unless there's a setting within Kali to adjust text / icon scaling? I've looked into Accessibility and it doesn't seem to be supported in there..
  10. I've started using Kali via VMWare Workstation on a Dell XPS 13 with the QHD+ display - It seems to have some issues with regards to scaling etc. Does anyone know if there are display drivers available that might rectify the issue? I've searched around the Dell website and their offerings for Linux are minimal to say the least! Thanks!!
  11. I'm currently trying to gain access to a practice server, according to Nessus it has 1x Critical vuln and 2x Medium vulns, they are: Critical: CVE-2004-1154 Samba smbd Security Descriptor Parsing Remote Overflow. Medium: CVE-2016-2118 Samba Badlock Vulnerability. Medium: SMB Signing Disabled. I've searched Google, ExploitDB and msf for exploits for the Critical vuln but I keep coming up blank. Nessus explains that crafting packets with hundreds of thousands of ACLs would cause a remote buffer overrun, but how do I take advantage of that? Or, am I focussing too much on the critical vuln when I could take advantage of the medium vulns easier? Help and pointers appreciated! Mike
  12. Hello! I'm new, I've been watching the YouTube videos to help my studies, and figured that I'd join up here to try and learn more :) My name is Mike a.k.a Rocko Favourite game: Arma3 Favourite OS: Win7/OSX Favourite console: Favourite what? Nationality: British Accent: English Sex: Male Race: White European Height: 5'9 Build: Athletic Favourite band: The Gaslight Anthem Favourite book: The Alchemist Favourite actress: Mila Kunis Favourite Comedian: Jim Jeffries Other hobbies: Running, Mountain biking, Geocaching, Reading, Shooting Car: Golf GTI Occupation: Student n stuff
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