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  1. I heard that if you say "Packet Squirrel" three times, while looking into a mirror, @Darren Kitchen appears and gives you details.. ....then kills you to keep you quiet.
  2. Hello! I'm new, I've been watching the YouTube videos to help my studies, and figured that I'd join up here to try and learn more :) My name is Mike a.k.a Rocko Favourite game: Arma3 Favourite OS: Win7/OSX Favourite console: Favourite what? Nationality: British Accent: English Sex: Male Race: White European Height: 5'9 Build: Athletic Favourite band: The Gaslight Anthem Favourite book: The Alchemist Favourite actress: Mila Kunis Favourite Comedian: Jim Jeffries Other hobbies: Running, Mountain biking, Geocaching, Reading, Shooting Ca
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