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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, I'm trying to spoof dns in a static network based on the original script. So far, I've spent hours on it without any results - and I don't know why... From my understanding, I would have to do it as such: Let's say I have a network in with one router in and my host is 1) set a static IP on eth0 which mimics the router (example: --> uci set network.lan.ipaddr="" 2) set a static IP on eth1 which mimics my host on the network (example: --> uci set network.wan.ipaddr="
  2. Hi everybody, I'm chatting on an IRC Website (That not allows simple users to connect by an IRC Client, but only Browsers ...). When spamming or flooding, I've been being banned with 3 Types of bans : 1. Banning the IP address (I simply Bypass this ban by rebooting my Wi-Fi Router because I have a dynamic IP address); 2. Banning the MAC address (I'm again capable of bypassing this by changing my MAC address with the freeware '' TMAC Changer '' ); 3. Banning the Browser connection (Here comes my problem, in other terms, even if I do a clean uninstall / install of my browse
  3. Using Recon or any module, is there a way to get the AP's internet IP?
  4. Hey guys, Sorry if this seems like an obvious question, but when I open whatsmyip.org, or Google, or iplocation.net, I am given an IP address that I am then scanning with nmap (just using -sn at the moment, no full scanning) I was expecting to see my router and the connected MACs (my laptop, phone, etc.), however I actually get an address. Something along the lines of virginmedia.blabla instead of my internet router. If I run nmap -sn against this IP, it shows only 1 host and nothing else, and it doesn't look like the host is my internet router. This makes me believe that the IP
  5. I have dropped my turtle onto my employer's network. I can see the WAN has been assigned an IP Address via DHCP. The problem is with the computer that is using the Turtle as an ethernet adapter. It is given it's own IP address and it can access the internet fine but DNS is not working. I can ping the devices on the corporate network, connect to our servers via RDP using IP address but no names are being resolved. Any ideas? I tried setting both eth0 and eth1 to dhcp but then I couldn't SSH to it.
  6. Hi all, I'm currently enjoying trying to hack in to my Windows 10 machine. I am able to get a local meterpreter session using it's internal IP address (example when connected to the same WiFi/Internet Hub from my hacking box. However, I now wish to test attacking it externally, not from the same LAN. Bearing in mind that I am already in the Windows machine using the internal IP, how could I gather the machine's external IP so that I could then go away and hack it from elsewhere (i.e; not on the same LAN). Not using whatsmyip.com or anything like that, we're ta
  7. please admins, i am not sure which category to post this under thats why am doing it on here. i am sorry if this violates your rules, incase it does please help me move it to the appropriate section. i hope i dont get a query for this tho. i just need help with a script that can do all that the topic says, i am testing a voting site, and ive been able to deduce that i can vote multiple times making use of "advanced cookie manager to clear the cookies sent from the server", "random agent spoofer to randomize the user agent on every request made", "Hide my ip to also randomise my ip after
  8. please admins, i am not sure which category to post this under thats why am doing it on here. i am sorry if this violates your rules, incase it does please help me move it to the appropriate section. i hope i dont get a query for this tho. i just need help with a script that can do all that the topic says, i am testing a voting site, and ive been able to deduce that i can vote multiple times making use of "advanced cookie manager to clear the cookies sent from the server", "random agent spoofer to randomize the user agent on every request made", "Hide my ip to also randomise my ip after
  9. First let me say when using my Nano via the App on my phone, the networking functions correctly. When using it on my Windows 7 laptop however, I get no connectivity to the network. Bulletins will not load ( Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection. ) nor will the module list populate. My home network does not use a standard ip pool, that is to say, not 192.168.x.x - rather I use a 10.77.x.x. IMHO this is where the problem lies. Windows objects strongly to the settings recommended by the forums and video 'Setup Guide For Windows" https://www.wifipineapple.com/pag
  10. I searched and researched but I'm not 100% sure of what I'm looking for. So my Clients are my iphone and Chromebook. When I check out my wifi info I get the router (nano) info which is the usual: IP - 172.16.42.* Subnet - router - DNS - search domains - lan What do I need to do to change these from showing their current information? Also, I've played around with the Kernel IP routing table under the Networking menu and all it ever seems to do is erase the top default row which is usually the wifi wlan2 is connected to. What else can I do with the
  11. I was playing around trying to be able to connect to the wifi pineapple via wifi again, and I screwed up my ethernet by accident. The only adapter I can diagnose that has something wrong is ethernet. Here is my network adapters: Here is the error I get when trying to diagnose it: And when I try to fix it as an administrator: Does anyone know if THIS might work? I am scared of trying it: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-hardware/how-do-i-replace-my-tcpip-protocol-driver/2d5eaf70-bd3e-40ab-ae11-b6c5110ab8df https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/299357 How
  12. What are some recommended resources for IP blocklists? I just want to block pretty much everyone. The government, big companies, botnets, hackers, etc. Do you have your own blocklist you would like to share?
  13. https://youtu.be/X3xIit1UK3E so i have got into these things at AppleBee's and now Johnny Rockets. At AppleBee's i was able to get the IP address for the server unit. Also you can enter Demo mode and play the games for free. Wonder if anyone has seen these and have you guys done anything to them yet.
  14. Trying to get more information about the devices nearby when I use the device than just mac address. I have a web crawler for the mac address already, but is there any capability on this device I can use to get more?
  15. Hi all, I'm pulling my hair out to get this working, it's probably something obvious im missing.. So i could use some extra eyes! I'm trying to send data from the urlsnarf infusion to an application running on the host machine. The application is made in Open Frameworks and listens to udp data on port 11999. I've copied and altered the urlsnarf infusion to properly work besides the original without conflicting. Now where i'm getting stuck at is creating the connection. $socket = stream_socket_server("udp://", $errno, $errstr); if (!$socket) { echo "Goddamn no s
  16. I am looking to find a way to ensure that I do not directly know the IP addresses of any customers. My initial thought for this is to assign addresses through DHCP (as is currently done) taking the IP addresses, salting and hashing them then applying that hash to to the records. Obviously this would not work for statically assigned addresses. I am fully aware that this is no way making my customers anonymous. My main goal is to simply ensure that no customer IP addresses are directly known, thus we cannot be compelled to release a customer's address. Also, we would not have any kind of histor
  17. Hi guys, I plan to install a new in-house PBX, but I'm not secure in my knowledge, so I need some confirmation. I've done some research and I feel an IP PBX would be my primary choice. I run a small trade company that needs 12 telephones (including hardphones and mobile devices as well). We use them for both of internal and external communication. In addtition to the basic PBX features (as well as call routing, conference calling, voicemail, call queuing, etc.) I have some special requirements related to the new phone system: I have only one office, but my employees (especially t
  18. Hello, I had this question for a long time now and I want to talk to one of my friends who does not have a phone. He only has a computer, I would usually email him but it takes forever to talk back and forth. I am looking for a way to talk to my friend using terminal and his IP sort of like NetCat but over a different network, because He lives in Canada and I live in California.
  19. Greetings! Just curious, but does anybody know if it's possible to determine a changed router's local IP address? Meaning the default IP address, of say 192.XXX.XXX, was changed to a completely different value; And, attempting to enter the router's default IP will no longer be possible. Already tried ipconfig /all on cmd, it simply yielded the router's default IP. Sadfrog. Any ideas would be great. Thanks! ;)​
  20. Hey! Im new here! i was searching for a website where i can ask questions about backtrack , i found this !!!! Im also new to backtrack .. I saw some tutorials avout HOW TO HACK FB WITH BACKTRACK! i done the same as shown but when i tested the ip generated on other pc , i get to know that WEBPAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE!!! Please Help!! & im getting as inet-ip When I open this in same pc it works! but not in other !!! !!!!!!!
  21. I just got the Mark IV pineapple and Im ready to get the road on the show. I followed the instructions in the booklet for "Connecting for the first time" with windows Ethernet testing- I'm running windows 8- but after configuring my home WiFi (internet facing adapter) and the LAN connection (Pineapple Facing Adapter) as illustrated in the booklet I still cant connect to in my web browser.Whenever i try i just get a php.redirect and whatever page im on just reloads. my WiFi IPv4 and DNS is set to automatically obtain (Image 1) and pineapple settings are in Image 2. What
  22. Could some of you IT wizards help me understand something about DHCP and NAT? I haven't studied these in the classroom, but I've done my share of reading and have certainly renewed DHCP and toggled NAT a few thousand times in the course of troubleshooting over the years. I was also just reviewing again the episode of hak5 where Darren + the cutie set up PPTP in BT5 and he shows how to disable DHCP for stealthiness. My limited understanding is basically that NAT allows my army of home computers to share a single external IP address by use of internal/local IP addresses and DHCP helps devices
  23. Over the past few months I've noticed every 14 year old on the Internet has a booter with a CloudFlare resolver. I would like to keep my domain safe from DDOS. When I type in my domain name at www.cloudflareresolver.com however, it does show my real IP on the mail and FTP lines. I've noticed many other CloudFlare sites do not leak their IP in this way though. How do I configure it such that my IP will not be leaked? I do use the server for mail, I hope I won't have to lose that functionality.
  24. whitehat


    For this question I'm going to get down on my knees and beg for a helping hand, spoon feeding, or anything except RTFM / Google it / get a degree in IT/CS... Please, please help me become IPv6 compatible. I tried to understand and read stuff about this a few months ago, but it's confusing to a layman and I was told by my ISP in March that at the universal IPv6 date everything would be automatically compatible/upgraded/enabled so I can quit worrying about it. Well now it is not only past IPv6 day, but I've got an urgent task for a client that requires my software to be IPv6 compatible apparen
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