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  1. DigitalData

    Selling all my Hak5 Gear

    PM with serious offers. I would prefer to sell it all as a package.
  2. DigitalData

    Selling all my Hak5 Gear

    I'm selling all of my Hak 5 gear if anyone is interested. Here is what I have: WiFi Pineapple Tetra Tactical w/ External USB NIC Wifi Pineapple Nano Tactical w/upgraded Antennas & External USB NIC LAN Turtle USB Rubber Ducky An Original Field Kit
  3. DigitalData

    Can't get clients to connect

    Are either of you using filtering at all? My suggestion is to uncheck the broadcast SSID Pool option and leave everything else the same. Save active ssttings as default then make sure there are no MAC addresses or SSIDs in either filter and set both of them to Deny. Then set the Open AP and reboot the device. Once it comes back try connecting to the Open AP. Also, are you able to connect to the Management AP with the Android device?
  4. DigitalData

    Power Issues with Tetra

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I hope you have better luck with the replacement. :)
  5. DigitalData

    Filmware Upgrade Failed

    https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq Follow the firmware recovery option and not the factory reset.
  6. DigitalData

    Filmware Upgrade Failed

    Can you do a factory reset and try it again?
  7. DigitalData

    Filmware Upgrade Failed

    Do you have your nano connected to an internet connection. If you go to the Dashboard page and try to Load Bulleting do they show up after a few seconds? If not, it sounds like you don't have a connection to the internet. There are other posts in here that tell you how to share your computers internet connection with the nano when it's plugged in or you can use a usb wireless dongle plugged in to the usb port to connect. If you don't have one, they sell compatible ones in the Hak shop.
  8. DigitalData

    Operational Association of Clients

    1. I don't see a problem with the scenario you mention. Are you assuming there is a problem with it because the S7 isn't automatically connecting when you deauth it? 2. No, clients don't need to have been connected to an open wifi prior to it being able to connect to the pineapple. Signal strength could be part of the issue you are having. I have also had some difficulty getting specific devices to connect. Some times it takes a lot of patience and multiple times of trying. Not all devices connect the same way. I believe there are other posts on the forums addressing this issue.
  9. DigitalData

    Power Issues with Tetra

    Does it happen when running on battery too? Or are you only running it with the power cord that was supplied? I haven't yet but I plan to order another power cord online because mine doesnt seem like a very good quality so I think that's causing my problem.
  10. DigitalData

    PineAP Issues

    Hmm. Have you only done one factory reset? I know it sounds weird but I had a few strange issues that were resolved after factory resetting a few times. Not sure why this would help but in my case it did.
  11. DigitalData

    PineAP Issues

    Can you post a screenshot of the PineAP and Filtering page?
  12. DigitalData

    PineAP Issues

    Probably a dumb question but are you saving the options after checking the boxes on the PineAP page?
  13. DigitalData

    Managing the Wifi Pineapple wirelessly?

    Why do you want to use the usb wifi dongle for remote management? Is there a reason why you arent connecting to to Management AP that you set up when you set the pineapple up? I think you will find that most people use the usb dongle to connect the pineapple wirelessly to an internet connection so they can use it in a Man-In-The-Middle configuration. I believe the Management AP is what you are looking for. If you dont remember what you called it, you can find it on the Network Settings Page
  14. DigitalData

    PineAP Issues

    Are you running the latest firmware? Does the pool stay empty when you run a recon?
  15. DigitalData

    Power Issues with Tetra

    Does it completely turn off or reboot? Is it only turning off under a heavy load (like while running Recon?) Or will it randomly shut off with no load on it?