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  1. Are either of you using filtering at all? My suggestion is to uncheck the broadcast SSID Pool option and leave everything else the same. Save active ssttings as default then make sure there are no MAC addresses or SSIDs in either filter and set both of them to Deny. Then set the Open AP and reboot the device. Once it comes back try connecting to the Open AP. Also, are you able to connect to the Management AP with the Android device?
  2. What options do you have set in the PineAP tab? How is your filtering set? Are you using MAC filtering as well as SSID filtering?
  3. Seb, Thanks for your help but I played around with it this weekend and figured out the problem. It's been bugging me on and off for about a year now. I had Client Filtering set to "Allow Mode" so I could choose the MAC addresses to limit which devices could connect to the pineapple. My computer's mac address wasn't added to the list so I wasn't able to reconnect when I disconnected or rebooted the device. Is this by design? I can see why you wouldn't want a random device to connect to the Open AP or any of the broadcast APs but I would expect the Management AP would allow any de
  4. Yes.,Reboot, Power Down or Just unplug... After that I am no longer able to connect via the Management AP OR the Open AP if that's enabled. The SSIDs will still be broadcast and I can see them on my computer and mobile devices but I'm unable to connect to them.
  5. Unfortunately for me a reboot doesn't work on either the Tetra OR the Nano. I'm still unable to connect to either AP after a reboot or power down. I don't ever lose the connection when I have it and the unit is powered up. My problem occurs when I'm done for the day and shut down or reboot. That's when I can't connect again after. I have to do a factory reset on the nano because when I use it, I'm almost never near a computer. I'm unable to plug it in to a computer to Update the Access Point. I'm usually accessing it via a Nexus Pwn Phone. So I have to factory reset in order to get back i
  6. Some steps I took... With all modules removed and PineAP not running: I updated the access point from the Networking tab and I was able to connect to the Management AP again. I used the "Reboot" option from the menu. Once it was rebooted I tried to connect via the management AP and it wouldn't let me. I logged in via the cable and Updated the access point again and I was able to connect to the Management AP again. This time I used the "Shut Down" option and unplugged the Tetra after a minute or so. I plugged the tetra back in and tried connecting to the
  7. I had a little time to play around with it more. The only way I was able to connect to the wireless management port again was by logging in over a wired connection and clicking the button to "Update Access Point" under networking. Does anyone know exactly what that does under the hood? I know it says "The Wireless AP Configuration has been saved. The radios will now restart. If connected over Wireless, you may need to reconnect." I'm looking for a little more detail than that though so I can try to troubleshoot why they stop working to begin with. This is happening on my Nano AND Tetra. With t
  8. I'm having a similar issue with my Nano AND Tetra. I perform the initial setup / upgrade the firmware to the latest version and then configure it all. Once it's configured I usually download all of the modules I want and play around with it for a couple hours. After that I shut it down using the shut down option in the gui and wait a minute or two until i can unplug them. The next time I try to use it, it powers up fine and i see the management AP show up in available networks. I try to connect with my computer or my cell phone but both the Nano and the tetra won't allow me to connect. It just
  9. I've been trying to figure out my tetra power issues for a while now. When i plug it in to AC power it works fine. When i use it on battery, it reboots on me whenever I enable PineAP and check the options "Allow Associations", "Beacon Response" and Capture SSIDs to Pool". I've tried every configuration I can think of with the 2 Pineapple Juice 15000's. I've even swapped each one that came with the tetra with the one from my Hak5 Field Kit thinking maybe one of the 2 was bad. I have even configured them the was Darren shows in the photo in this post. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/top
  10. In the PineAP module, what is "Save active config as default" under "Configuration" supposed to actually save? I enabled the PineAP Daemon and checked the boxes for: -Allow Associations -Log Probes -Log Associations -Capture SSIDS to Pool -Beacon Response I left the box for Broadcast SSID Pool unchecked. Then I clicked the Save PineAP Settings button. Once I did that, I clicked on the Configuration drop down and clicked Save active config as default. Whenever I reboot the nano the PineAP Daemon is enabled and it remembered that the Capture SSIDs to Pool and Beacon Response were select
  11. What about the ability to revert the LED back to stock? I tried the module and then realized there wasn't an option to revert back. I stopped it and uninstalled the module and the LED stayed off.
  12. I'm having issues with the Get module. It shows as an update under the "Available Modules". When I click update, I can choose either "Install to SD card", or "Install to internal storage". If I choose either option it tells me that it's downloading and installing then I get the "Successfully Installed Module" message. But the module still shows as needing to be updated to 1.2 in the "Available Modules" Section and 1.1 is listed in the "Installed Modules". I've even tried to remove and reinstall it. This is happening on my Nano AND Tetra.
  13. You will probably get one soon. But here are the photos.
  14. Darren, I just received my shipment in the mail. When I opened it, I noticed that an AC adapter WAS included with my Tetra Tactical. I was reading through the "Power Notice" that you included and it says "Please ensure the DC barrel power adapter provides no higher or lower than 12V and at least 1.5A". I looked at the output on the AC adapter you included and it's 12V but only 1A. Will that cause problems if I try to use it to set it up tonight?
  15. Darren / Seb, I have a couple questions regarding the cables and batteries that are included with theTetra and the Nano. 1) For the Nano, why did you decide to only include a USB power cable but not one that could be used to tether it (for setup)? It would be nice if the produce page in the Hak shop was a little more clear on this. Along with the Youtube setup video at .2) Why didn't you include an AC adapter to power the tetra? For $200 or $300, I feel like it should have come with one. To me, it's kind of like linksys sending a battery with their routers instead of a power cord. 3) Is
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