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  1. Someone else recorded a video and mine is setup exactly the same from a factory reset. Here's the thread -
  2. Can't atm but picture both client and ssid filtering set to deny mode which if I'm correct would allow all the things to connect. Pine AP: All checkboxes are checked, daemon is set to enabled the two levels are set to normal. Source MAC and Target MAC are defaults. Networking shows wlan0, wlan0-1, wlan1mon
  3. Yes I am clicking save PineAP Settings after checking everything.
  4. Firmware: 1.1.3 Yes the pool will stay empty after a recon scan.
  5. I'm having issues with PineAP. I have a Nano and I'm running PineAP with all of the checkboxes checked and empty filters set to deny. The SSID Pool stays completely empty if I leave it this way for hours in an area with 30+ wifi networks. There will also be zero clients connecting. There are no logs for PineAP. If I enter a network into the SSID Pool manually it does indeed broadcast it and it can be connected to. I have tried a factory reset and the problem still persists. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Worked on something similar to this tonight. Going to exfil and then post it
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