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  1. Thanks. Can you give me a complete refrence to know about the situations ? Or can you explain me the best config ? My test clients connect to at least one Open network before.
  2. Hi What does it mean ? If you have a network named "MyWifi" and has wpa2 password and have another network name "MyWifi" but it was Open, If you power off secured network or deauth clients from it , Clients connect to Open network ?
  3. Hi I wanna manually simulate WifiPineapple in this way : a. I have a wifi network named "MyWifi" and has wpa2 password. b. I have some devices connected to it. c. I change wifi password to NONE. so for now "MyWifi" is an open network with the same name and mac address signal strength and the only difference is password. This is a simulation of KARMA because it make an Open wifi from existing or probing ones. In this case when my devices must probe for this network and associate with it. But not connect. So my questions is : 1- Am i right about the above scenario for simulating of KARMA ? 2- Why my clients not connect to Open wifi ?
  4. Would you please explain columns of you spreadsheet and how can we use them for giving better answer from wifipineapple?
  5. Hi I bought a Pineapple nano and working with it. But there are some questions about the Association of Clients. I use the following path to setup my Pineapple.(Ver 1.12) a. Recon -> Scan -> (on target wifi) Add Clients and add them to "PineAP Filter" one by one b. Filter -> set "Client Filtering" to allow mode c. PinAP -> switch "PineAP Daemon" to Enable and check all 6 chekboxes d. Recon ->(on target wifi) Select Deauth and deauthenticate all clients.(many times) When i deauthenticate all clients my Galaxy S7 deauthenticates from my target wifi which has wpa2 password. but again my Galaxy S7 selects original target wifi NOT Rogue wifi which is open. here my questions : 1- What is problem with above scenario ? 2-Only clients can connect to wifipineapple which was connected to at least one open wifi before. is it true ? 3- Suppose these : a. I have 2 clients which does not connected to any OpenWifi before. b. I have 1 wifi with wpa2 password named "MyWiFi". i set it on that 2 clients. c. Start Pineapple and after scan i find only "MyWiFi" with 2 clients connected. So in this case WifiPineapple is not applicable since my clients have not connected to any OpenWifi before. Is is true ? 4- When signal strength is important ?
  6. It's good to have write and/or read protection in USB-Mass storage. any one can help me ?
  7. Hi all I'm using Composite_Duck_4cap.hex and Ubuntu 14.04 on VMWare 11. Sample payload is : DELAY 500 STRING if [ -e /media/$USER/TOOLS ]; ENTER STRING then ENTER STRING myd="/media/$USER/TOOLS" ENTER STRING fi When i fire it up in linux some charachters are missing. and it types : if [ - /mdiaSER/TOOLS ]; ten md="edia/$US/TOS" fi I searched forum and found some posts but they are not helpfull like this : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25033-question-slow-down-keystrokes/ It says that you must use STRING_DELAY to solve the problem for delay between keystroke. But i could not find any version of encoder that has STRING_DELAY command. So any help ?
  8. There is no good & compelete linux payload . i suggest some one put a complete linux payload like https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---run-java-from-sd
  9. Hello Where can i find some firmware source codes like c_duck_v2_S003.hex or Composite_Duck_4cap.hex ?
  10. 1- Is there any idea for removing limitation of inject.bin for twin firmware ? 2-About memory limitation , If the memory card's file system is FAT32, then it has a file limit of 4GB. To get over this limitation, you could format your memory card to the NTFS file system. Does ATMEL have NTFS library ? 3- What is Composite_Duck_S003.hex for ? and where is source ? 4- What is osx.hex ?
  11. Hello I know 2 limitions for USB Rubber Ducky 1- limitation of inject.bin to 4 kb (or 2 kb for twin) 2- limitation of SD Card to 4GB I wanna know if it is possible to remove these 2 limitations ?
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