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  1. I have gotten the management AP working thank you. What other applications does the usb dongle have?
  2. I just got the Wifi Pineapple Nano Tactical Elite and I was wondering how you can use the included usb wifi dongle to remotely manage it over wifi. How would I go about doing this? That way I can manage it from a device when its running off the battery pack when its hidden.
  3. Could I use an old laptop and port forward it so I can access it from outside the network? I have an old laptop that runs D.S.L..
  4. The hakshop sells a shoulder bag that works great. I don't personally own one but in the pictures it looks like it fits both the pineapple nano and tetra and its big enough to fit the yagi and a small to average sized laptop.
  5. Is it possible to setup auto ssh without a server? If there is a way to do it with a free service that would be great too.
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