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  1. All the certificates and dependency are installed correctly, but when I try to start SSL Split it does not start. Is there something wrong with the configuration (under configuration tab)? To be honest, I'm new at this. Is there a tutorial on how to use this module? Thanks!
  2. I did try that.... but the same result came out. Do you know how to do a manual upgrade? Thanks so much!
  3. Yes there is stuff loading in the bullitons, just when I update the filmware, the progress bar is always empty. I shared the internet connection.
  4. I have a WifiPIneapple Nano (version 1.0.1) and I am trying to update the filmware. However, when I go to advanced>check for updates, it just says "Please wait while the filmware is being downloaded" indefinitely and the progress bar never moves. Does anyone have any ideas or know how to update the filmware manually? Thanks!
  5. Yes, thank you for that. So I did share/bridge the connection correctly as followed in the tutorial now, and I can verify it since the bullitons are being displayed. However, I am on version 1.0.1 and am trying to update the filmware now and it just says "Please wait while the filmware is being downloaded" indefinitely. DO you know how to manual update it or have any ideas?
  6. Thanks, I'm sorry Im new but how would you do that on Windows 10 or andriod (I have an Andriod phone too and same issue).
  7. I have the same problem, any ideas how to fix it on the Windows 10 system? When I connect it to my Andriod phone, it seems like I get a connecting because the builtons and other stuff are loading but when I try to update it through the GUI (under advanced), the progress bar is blank,,,,
  8. I login after going to with my wifi pineapple nano credentials but it says error connecting to wifi pineapple.com when I try to update the filmware. On the dashboard everything is showing up as none or 0. My wifi pineapple is connected to my windows laptop via usb, any ideas?
  9. Basically, I have successful set up the wifi pineapple nano and connected to my macbook pro. However, once the connection is made, I am unable to aces the internet from my macbook. Does anyone know how I can fix this or what the correct setup is for a mac? WifiPineapple Nano Version 1.0.1 Macbook Pro with OSX 10.11.14
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