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  1. @AlfAlfa - It's exactly as Darren described. It's an asset and helps offload two full adapters into one device - and adding the third device is possible just will require some tinkering. No big deal. My intention is to have the rogue AP (wlan0), the sniffing/injecting (wlan1), and 3g/internet access (wlan2) so that any combination is possible with ease. I just need to get a little more familiar with the commands needed and will probably try to make a module to simplify things. @Darren - I'll follow up with a PM once I get the dmesg output and chipset info. I think the TP-Link is actually d
  2. I've been getting my Nano all set up and am finally happy with how things are configured. It's my first Pineapple and so far I'm happy :) One thing I've been having an issue with is adding an additional wifi card and getting it to work properly. I have both the Alfa ASWUS036H and TP-LINK TL-WN722N... The Alfa doesn't really detect properly as a wifi device but does show up in the lsusb command. I tried installing an opkg driver update for the realtek chipset and it seemed to install but not to help. As for the The TP-LINK... It shows up in both lsusb and as a wireless
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