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  1. The link comes up 404-file not found in the store under the wifi pineapple HDK item. Nothing more to say except I would like to see the correct page before I buy one. Thanks
  2. Any chance your planning on posting the command line configuration any time soon? This is exactly what I have been trying to do yet haven't and it sounds like you have it well under control. I would appreciate it very much as I am sure many other would as well. Thanks
  3. I hate to add more to the pile cause I know Seb is a good guy who knows his sh*t or at least truly gives a sh*t. I had figured it was just me so i sat down for the last three years and started learning with more intention to find where or what i was missing. filled some big holes but still had issues. Must be a lemon so I got another one. maybe its too hot? Do I took a fan from a GPU and dropped it well below even room temp. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of things that worked... ish But even when there were no problems with the setup and go part there would be a stale of freeze shortly after. Or set everything to do it thing and come check the next day only to find it had either dropped connection, or despite saying it was it didn't sniff or log or connect or simply didn't run. But maybe I am just dumb and failed to really apply myself. Great news finally the inventors are doing classes and I got in. Sure its a bit pricey but this is training for my career and where else can I get hands on training then from these guys plus there will be some new toys and who knows maybe I really got 2 lemon. Nope. Not at all. I am in to them for over $1000 bucks at this point and while I have learned alot in the process I am disappointed. I have 3 pineapples 2 duckys the ubertooth one and a turtle 2 alfa long range wifi adapters a long range booster kit and a bunch of antennas in a side saddle bag that has had the strangest smell since I got it in the mail. Its not all bad, those alfas have been very handy. Just now I had thought to salvage a pineapple I could use it as a wifi relay but half way through setting it up it dropped connection with me. still has wifi set up but for some reason it won't connect. Nor will the eth0 seem to link up. flashed fresh firmware on it to start and have reset several time. I'm sorry to have drifted off topic here. Obviously I am an idiot and possibly a sucker. I am only allowed a few post , I assume cause I'm new so it made sense to cram it all in. I have never gotten useful data from the wifi pine apple in three years of use that could't have been acquired with a laptop running backtrack or kali or black Arch or really most linux distros that do wifi in monitor mod and can sniff a packet of two. To now find out that there has been an update that further limits the "usefulness" of my pretty blinking lights with antenna ears is quite a disappointment but hearing others have had problems has at least made me feel like less of a retard which could save me some money in therapy later so maybe the whole thing is a wash. Sorry for the sob story in novel form but its like I said before, I'm an idiot.
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