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  1. Hey man. The Tetra has just been sold a couple of days ago.
  2. Hi All I'm selling my WiFi Pineapple Tetra Basic Edition. It's in fantastic condition, as it has only been started twice and since then sits in my drawer. I'm currently just lacking time to spend it with the Tetra. On top of this I also own the WiFi Pineapple Nano which currently fits my needs better due to it's portability. Asking price is €195 incl. shipping in Germany. Local pickup in the Düsseldorf and Frankfurt area is possible. I can also send it around within the European Union, would have to check the shipping costs in this case though. The Tetra Basic comes in original packaging incl. everything else that comes with it.
  3. As I'm having the problem with "opkg update" for the last two days as well (downloads.openwrt.org seems to be offline and therefore I'm not able to install dependencies) I'm wondering if there are plans to mirror the required files on a Hak5 server as well? Or is there already a backup repository I can switch to?
  4. I think people are talking about this https://fccid.io/document.php?id=2894638
  5. My first Pineapple will be delivered to me this Saturday (Pineapple Tetra), as I'm out of town during the week. So I'm sure we share the same excitement to see what we can do with it now. :)
  6. Most of the orders have a dedicated power supply already added in case you don't need to be mobile. In case you need to be mobile with it they pack the tactical kit with two external batteries so you can use it to its full potential. If you only want to carry one external battery you should check what's available on the market that supports 12v and 2a. They exist, so it's not a big deal.
  7. The card is also available for download on the FCC site. But there is nothing on it that you don't already know, most likely. For people who never visited the forum and heard of the device for the first time it's a good place to start though.
  8. That looks pretty nice. Where could I get that as well?
  9. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the pictures. In comparison to the MK5 the Tetra looks like a massive beast. Let's see how it looks like in reality when mine arrives.
  10. You don't own a Mark V by any chance and could post a picture of all three devices next to each other as a size comparison?
  11. Not worth the update if it doesn't include the pictures. :D
  12. I received the email last night and already placed an order.
  13. That's what I'm hoping for as well. Would prefer the EU shop having them in stock but that will still take a while as they still have to complete certification procedures. :-/ So I guess I'll have to take the US shop and have my painful invoice from customs.
  14. Do you have a picture of the Mark V vs Nano vs Tetra? I have seen measures for the Nano in one of the threads but would like to see how the Tetra looks in direct comparison.
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