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  1. Hello everyone! I purchased the Tetra tactical edition about a month or so ago for my computer science oral report on security(or the lackthereof) Now that im done with it its time for a new home. I boxed it all up and its currently sitting in my closet. So if anyone wants it please let me know. I live in Los Angeles, so local pickup would be AMAZING. I do not use nor will I use PayPal due to charge backs. So there has to be another way for this transaction to go down. My asking price is $120 because one of the USB receptacle(outlet) adapters has gone missing and the patches are gone because I super glued those to the wall. The adapter can be purchased for like 5 to 10 bucks. Other than that its all there. Batteries, cables, box, the tetra, the backpack and AC adapter. Everything is still in perfect working condition and waiting for a new owner. Skype : xcureanddiseas3 Please post a message here first and let me know who you are on Skype so I know who im dealing with. Thanks.
  2. This is probably a long shot but, looking for someone who would be willing to Skype with me for half hour or so just to get some questions answered, a little bit of setup and configure help and just overall help here and there. If you're willing to please let me know or add me on Skype :::: Xcureanddiseas3 Thanks again for everyone's help.
  3. This is the button I pushed twice : So I setup the Tetra using the guide, then I downloaded all the modules by connecting it to my router via ethernet, then I tried to do internet sharing, So I disconnected the Tetra from my router, I went through the RECOMMENDED setup and when that was done, I tried to CONNECT and it got stuck there. I waited about 15 minutes before I pressed that button(out of curiosity) and about 45 or so seconds later it connected.
  4. Nevermind. I figured it out. Not sure if its SUPPOSED to be this way but I load up wp6.sh and when it says CONNECTING... I pressed the little button on the back twice, and it worked that way.
  5. Trying to do internet connection sharing using Kali Linux 2. I did sudo ./wp6.sh and its stuck on Detecting WiFi Pineapple... I did a search and found a post saying I must switch a setting to BRIDGED but I dont know where to find that. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks again!
  6. Sweet! Im on my way.. Actually gonna do my tutorials in Spanish for starters. It was hard enough to navigate through this in English, I figure this could be a nightmare for someone who's not a native English speaker.
  7. This is as best as I can explain what im trying to do but cant. So not sure if its just my lack of understanding or is this not available yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZMunpuoiJA
  8. The interface is very different. I can't even find the Pineapple bar... I'm trying to setup Evil Portal with the splash page for someone to accept my terms and conditions. And I'm literally lost at.
  9. Hm okay. I dont see many Tetra tutorials. Im just gonna ruffle through everything, see if I can absorb this and make Tetra tutorials for the next n00b like me who comes along asking ridiculous questions >.<
  10. So I completed the initial setup and im looking at tutorials on YouTube and everyones UI and options look different than mine. This is what I see with the majority of videos: http://i.imgur.com/xS6m1Aq.jpg and this is what mine looks like: http://i.imgur.com/4aGk74a.jpg Im using Kali Linux 2.0 connecting it via USB, powering it with the AC adapter. I cant follow the tutorials without the Pineapple Bar it seems. If anyone can help, id appreciate it.
  11. Thank you for this info I suppose what im looking for is a tutorial or a serious of tutorials of what I should be doing the moment I unbox this. Like step 1: connect this to your laptop/phone this way, step 2) update it this way. step 3) install this etc.. Anything like that exist all in 1 video or a series of videos? The Tetra connecting this to your linux video does say it, but I have no 172 ip range as the video explains. So does this mean my laptop isn't seeing it? Thanks again.
  12. Which other forum post? Also I just did a search for wp6.sh and the forum came up with zero results. Can you link these threads to me?
  13. Ok so finally got around to setting it all up. I followed the 'setup with linux' video... Plugged the Y cable into the ETH port and hooked those two up to my laptop. The light never turned solid blue. It went amber then to blue then restarted back to amber. It was looping for a bit. Finally pulled the Y cable and I used the AC adapter provided. Finally got a solid blue light. So i tried going forward and Kali Linux isn't picking it up. I even tried hooking on the Y cable AND the ac adapted but I cant update this. Linux cant talk to it. When I do IFCONFIG i just get my connection(eth0) and I get a connection that says (lo) Im sure there's something im doing wrong.. If someone has a complete detail on how to fix this and set it up, id appreciate it. Thanks again!
  14. Got my Tetra tactical edition today!! That was quick! Thanks again! Did a quick unboxing. Not the best video but there it is if anyone is curious ::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuQEPgQ1_24
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