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  1. Hey, whether you know it or not, I think you're answering your own question here: It looks like your kali vm does not have any connection to the pineapple as currently configured. Assuming your eth0 is routed to the internet already, create another virtual adapter and bridge it to your mac's en0. After that, you should have the answer to the two confusing questions in the wp5.sh helper script: Interface between PC and Pineapple: eth0 ----> eth1 (The bridged adapter you just created) Interface between PC and Internet: wlan0 ----> eth0 (Kali's NAT connection to the internet) Does
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Seb. I'm sure my oversight there would have prolonged my misery even more than it has lasted, but that wasn't the only problem. In case someone else runs into this issue, here's what I ultimately did to get kismet-server to run from a boot mode script: Since the list of commands I wanted to try was getting long, I decided to switch to using a shell script instead of dropping a list of commands in the web interface, not strictly necessary to the solution, but definitely easier on the eyes. The boot mode dialogue now says: logger "Boot Mode 110 executing now..."; /sd
  3. OK, so this is something of a continuation of this thread: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32535-wardrive/page-2?hl=kismet Since the topic changed a bit, and it's a little stale, I thought I'd start a new thread. Here goes: So, just as @barry99705 said, kismet_server will not run from one of the boot mode command lines or from the 'execute command' window under settings > advanced in the pinapple web interface, but if I SSH into the pineapple and issue the command, it works as expected. Here is my boot mode command: logger "Boot Mode 100 executing now..."; logger "Starting ki
  4. Thanks. A reformat took care of it. Funny the things we don't try when troubleshooting sometimes.
  5. Hi all, New kid here. I'm having a problem saving infusions to SD. The Pineapple Bar doesn't seem to offer me the option like I've seen in some screenshots here in the forum. Whenever I try to install an infusion, I only get the "Install to internal storage" option in the popup. No mention of storing to SD. My firmware is 2.0.4 (flashed today). I have replaced the factory SD card with a new class 10 SD and formatted it using the "USB Info" tab on the Resources Infusion. I can verify that the /sd directory is in fact mounted on the Pineapple via SSH, and I even created a new directory in ther
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