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  1. RT @sachafaust: For those who asked and/or wondering. I did forget to mention that @lyft will release part of the intelligence service disc…

  2. @Mr_R0w07 Negative. Don’t think we are hiring infosec interns at least for now.

  3. @insp3ctre Yes defcon! *most likely*

  4. Brilliant post on CORS by @TrustedSec https://t.co/Yjf2R2dm1K #infosec #bugbounty

  5. RT @MayaKaczorowski: for anyone asking themselves, what are those container things and how do I think about security for them? https://t.co…

  6. RT @elonmusk: @VentureBeat @kharijohnson We’ve never advertised with FB. None of my companies buy advertising or pay famous people to fake…

  7. @sethvargo @ahmetb +1 for Netlify. They are awesomesauce!

  8. @fromCharCode @Wietze @Tanium @MITREattack cc: @brian_warehime

  9. @nipungupta @Jhaddix @Bugcrowd @nullcon Lets plan to be there next year!

  10. What would a powerful nextgen security testing platform look like? To give an idea, below is a snipped screenshot o… https://t.co/iiSOhu4M42

  11. Blogged! How to deploy a multi-AZ Vault cluster w/ S3 as storage backend using Terraform - https://t.co/TMJst6PceG… https://t.co/OoJZav0Pnl

  12. RT @SInow: This is outrageous and it deserves a place at the 2022 Winter Games (via buhsch/IG) https://t.co/2kvaER8vbv

  13. @prathikgadde @conikeec Dang it! I just bought a Sonos home theater system

  14. Just going to leave this out here - SELECT repo_name, path FROM [bigquery-public-data:github_repos.files] WHERE R… https://t.co/cuKPMRkprx

  15. RT @Intuit: Introducing “A Giant Story." Entrepreneur Pari creates an invention, Intuit Giant, that works for their customers, enabling the…

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