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  1. So, it's taken me about a week (off and on) since receiving my Nano to get ICS working. I can imagine if you're reading this you, like myself were aimlessly trying suggestions people have listed in the forums to no avail. It seems, like the wp6.sh script shown in the guides is broke. I'm no expert on IPtables but, alas there's a pull request / issue on the github repository for the script. Here's a link to the PR conversation. https://github.com/hak5darren/wp6/pull/4?_pjax=%23js-repo-pjax-container I've used the commit approved by H4xl0r on May 27, 2018. I dont know how this fix has
  2. hi.......i just want to connect my pi zero to the internet........ my idea was to use the lan turtle...... but i cant find the turtle or the pi if i scan my network...... can someone help me get the job done?
  3. I'm on openSUSE Tumbleweed. The problem is that guided setup finishes fine, but "Connect" just stays at "detecting". I cannot ssh into or Edit: I _can_ ping but I cannot connect to the internet with the bunny plugged in so I'm guessing internet is not quite shared yet. After guided setup, I have this in my bb.sh: bbver=1 sbunnynmask= sbunnynet= sbunnylan=enp0s20f0u6c2 sbunnywan=wlp4s0 sbunnygw= sbunnyhostip= sbunnyip= sfirsttime=0 The results of running "ip addr" is the foll
  4. When using mode C with bb.sh I get the following error: SIOCDELRT: No such process
  5. Hi, I have my Nano setup properly on 2 laptops. However when I try to use my desktop at home there is no dropdown box to select the pineapple for internet sharing in the configure adapters menu for Win 10? I have tried disabling Defender which was suggested on another site, did not fix it. :( Any help would be greatly appreciated Here is a screenshot there should be a dropdown menu under Allow other network users to connect
  6. Hey guys noob error I am sure, but I am new to pineapple and Linux and have encountered the following error in my attempt to get ICS working. Im running Kali and am running the Nano. Error is : ./wp6.sh ./wp6.sh: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `<' ./wp6.sh: line 1: `<html><head></head><body><!-- vbe --></body></html>' its it really obvious were this occurring?
  7. Hi. I am having some fun with my brand new Pineapple NANO but there's one thing I cannot understand. I create an Open AP SSID for some testing and enable Internet Connection Sharing on my computer (currently working on a Mac), sometimes everything works fine and sometimes it does not. If I connect with my phone to that SSID, I see that sometimes (and I have no control on that) it gets a 192.168.1.x IP address (and everything works) and sometimes it gets a 172.16.42.x IP address (and nothing works). What regulates this IP assignation? Thanks for your help, abete
  8. Hello, I've just bought a WiFi Pineapple Mark IV, and I am having difficultly getting it to access the internet, I have followed the video tutorial on what to do on Windows 7, and tried this on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 and I still get the error Internet IP: Error Connecting I'm not sure what else to do as I am not sure if I am able to use it to do anything with it in its current state. I thought that despite it being the previous version I could still use it. Thanks.
  9. I don't know if this is even possible, I just opened my turtle that I got at defcon this year. I saw TetherATurtle on https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36460-tut-tether-turtle-to-laptop-like-the-wifi-pineapple/, but I am not trying to tell my computer to share connection with turtle. I want to plug the turtle into a desktop with internet connection, then plug an ethernet between the turtle and my laptop, and my laptop to have an internet connection from the turtle. [desktop with internet] <=> [turtle] <==ethernet==> [laptop] The desktop is windows 7, and it is domained.
  10. Hello Everyone! it's been 7 hours now, and I still cannot connect my pineapple to the internet via ICS (using ethernet of course) I tried it in windows, Linux and changed the ethernet cable...Nothing worked I can connect to the pineapple, no problem it's just the ICS Any help? please
  11. So I just got my Pineapple today and followed the official instructions to the letter. Everything went smooth till I was trying to share my internet connection with the pineapple. SETUP: My Computer (Windows 8.1) is connected to the internet through a wireless connection Pineapple is connected with an ethernet cable When trying to set the static x.x.42.42 IP for my Ethernet interface, I can no longer ping nor access the Pineapple web UI However, when I choose the "bridge connection" option (right clicking on a network adapter) and Windows does it thing, I can access the Web UI BUT it ki
  12. First things first - I have already gone through a bunch of posts on this forum but none of them have been helpful to solve the specific problem that I am having so any help here is greatly appreciated. My setup is something like this: MK5 Kali Linux installed on Virtual Box sitting on Mac OSX 10.9.4 The network settings of the Kali Linux Virtualbox is set to "NAT". So, when I type in ifconfig inside Kali, I see just 2 interfaces: eth0 with an IP address of lo with an IP address of On my macbook, I have a bunch of interfaces. The important ones are listed below: en
  13. Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to bring up a possible bug. Here's the problem. When I turn on Karma and several devices associate to the pineapple via Karma, the internet no longer becomes available. I have isolated this problem by running the following experiment to see if this is true. Here are the details. Equipment: Macbook Pro 8.1 running OSX 10.6.8. Wifi Pineapple Firmware Ver 1.4.1. Two android mobile devices. Procedure: I fired up the pineapple. Tethered via Ethernet to my Macbook Pro. Provide ICS. Confirm Internet IP through Web-based GUI and also I send continuous echo re
  14. Hello ! Yesterday i received my Pineapple Mark V by DHL and i have immediately start using it. Upgraded it to 1.2.0 and checked out the web-GUI on Everything seemed to work well, until.. i used the wp5.sh script for sharing my internet connection (wlan0) from my Kali Linux (no VM) with the Pineapple. What i have: A working internet connection on my Kali Linux ( A working connection from my Kali Linux to the Pineapple ( A working GUI on my Kali Linux at I do not have any internet connection on my Pineapple: Also, i can con
  15. Hey, I just got my Wifi Pineapple a few days ago and it worked fine , but suddenly it doesnt work any more. I tried ICS on windows 7 on 2 different pc's and i tried ics on 1 linux pc but when i go to the page it says that is doesnt exits. I can SSH into the pineapple and SCP into the pineapple. What can i do to fix this ? Thanks!
  16. OK.. I have been on this for about 12 hours now trying to setup my Pineapple. I..Think..I..Need..help.. I'm breaking down my setup/connection so you all get the gist. Computer Hardware: 15" Retinal MBP Pineapple hardware Version: MarkV Pineapple Firmware Version: 1.0.4 OS used to connect to the Pineapple: OS X Mavericks Network Layout: Pineapple is supplied power from wall outlet. I have my wifi pineapple connected to my Mac via USB to ethernet, ethernet cable connected into pineapple. My Mac is connected via WiFi from my personal Access Point. I have manually configured the settings
  17. When I turn on both wlan interfaces and turn one on for client mode (wlan1) set the pre-shared key, save and then commit - after I commit the changes the client (wlan1) interface becomes disabled and the pre-shared key field is blank. Radio0 is still enabled but no longer linked to wlan1. Wlan0 and radio1 is still turned on. I've tried doing a factory reset and only configuring client mode and it still exhibits the same behavior. I'm trying to create an access point on one interaface and internet connection share the client connected interface that's connected to my mobile device. Maybe I'm
  18. I cannot figure out how to fix my wireless connection sharing between wlan1, and wlan0. Devices connecting to my pineapple do not receive internet despite wlan1 being connected in client mode to my wireless network. Internet sharing works fine when I tether my pineapple to my laptop over Ethernet. I have done factory restores (and have applied "wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless && reboot"), have installed the wireless manager infusion (and tried using the "ICS" tab). Any suggestions for something else to try? Thanks in advance
  19. I'm having a problem with my tablet and laptop losing internet connection through the pineapple after running ettercap for the first time. The first time ettercap runs, it works great, but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc times, it creates a problem. Here is what my setup looks like: Tablet and Laptop -> Pineapple -> Home Access Point -> Internet I boot the pineapple up that is directly connected to a reliable AC outlet and connect to it from my laptop wireless network card. I then configure the pineapple through the web interface to connect to my WPA2 home network. I'm able to browse the
  20. Description: This a a very simple and minimalistic infusion that allows for a script-managed wireless connection for connection sharing. Although I did like the feature set of WifiManager, I personally prefer a more minimalist and script-based approach. This infusion provides network status information as well as an interface to manage the script. This is the same infusion as the MK4 just modified slightly for directory structure sake and re-tested. Note: When adjusting the variables in the wireless script, maintain the quotation formatting! This is required for the script to function correc
  21. Description: This a a very simple and minimalistic infusion that allows for a script-managed wireless connection for connection sharing. Although I did like the feature set of WifiManager, I personally prefer a more minimalist and script-based approach. This infusion provides network status information as well as an interface to manage the script. Note: When adjusting the variables in the wireless script, maintain the quotation formatting! This is required for the script to function correctly. Feature Set: Script Editor: A basic text editor that allows for editing of the script on the fl
  22. I know this has been mentioned in prior threads (quote/link below) but it never seems to have been resolved. To make a long story short my Mark IV works fine with dnsspoof when being run through a tether to my BT5 machine but does not work when I use my alfa in client mode hooked to an access point. (Mark IV is latest firmware, latest build of dnsspoof, adapter is NHA) ICS works fine for anything connecting to the pineapple's wlan0/access point interface, but they just get passed through to the standard internet page. Poking around in the code shown that dnsspoof is hooked to br-lan, a
  23. I'm new to the Pineapple but I love it so far. Just thought I'd share a process to get Internet Connection Sharing working in MAC OSX without having to make manual edits to the Pineapple as the Wiki states. This requires the Network Manager infusion be installed. Step 1: Connect MAC wifi to your Internet connected AP Step 2: Ensure to "Set Service Order" under the Network preferences, put the Wifi above the Ethernet Step 3: Also in Network prefs set the IP address of the Ethernet connection manually -, subnet is, router is blank, and DNS is Step 4: Plug
  24. I just wanted to share some video tutorials that I have found very helpful in setting up and administering the WiFi pineapple: Security4Plus I'm not sure if the creator is active on the forums, but I have not seen any links to these tutorials. This resource was indispensable to me for setting up remote administration through a VPS.
  25. I tried using the instructions on the wiki for using the wifi pineapple with Mac OSX ICS. Now the wifi wont work, and I have no way to get into the pineapple. I tried both ethernet ports on the pineapple and my macbook air keeps on giving it's self self assigned IP addresses. Currently I am trapped in an airport with an almost 5 hour delay. [EDIT] I have tried sshing to using both ports to no avail!
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