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  1. Hi, I already see that site but with it i can get signal with max 50cm range. I need to simulate gps in a large room. We know law and in a shielded room there isn't problem.
  2. Hi, i need to simulate gps signal within a room of 80meters. What hardware do you suggest? Thanks
  3. Hi, i notice that when i plug lanturtle in windows 7 pc it can be recognized and install usb 10/100 ethernet card, but in windows 10 i get always nothing installed. So i try to install realtek drivers and it work but how to use it if it doesn't install automatically in windows?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to use a 3g wifi modem to share connection with pineapple wifi mark V. I don't know well, but i must configure the huawei wifi modem with ip address or i can use the default ip of the modem? I must configure something in pineapple or i can use sslstrip? I want to do this Internet <----> wifi modem 3g <-----> wifi pineapple <-----> sslstrip <---> clients Is it possible? how i must configure the pineapple without using eth0 ? thanks
  5. Hi, i'm using a pineapple wifi V and i cannot use sslstrip working correctly. When i start karma all is working well and if i connect to a fake wifi that pineapple make i can navigate to internet through it. But if i start sslstrip i cannot navigate to any site. Just loading.... I check /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forwarding and it's set to 1. I use wlan1 to connect to a wifi in client mode and wlan0 with karma to make fake access point. Anyone can help me? When i start sslstrip my output is line in image i attached
  7. nothing, same error... try STRING { } and i get [ ]
  8. Hi, i try to use Brace { } but all that i get when run script is bracket [ ] I use italian layout. i use this: java -jar encoder.jar -i test.txt -o inject.bin -l it anyone can help me?
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