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  1. Hi, i'm trying to use evil portal to make my personal sign in page but many times i get blank page in client devices so i want to check module log file but i don't know where to read modules log. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hi, is there a way to get client connected ESSID from html or php?
  3. Ok, now it's starting but stop after a while for sslsplit error 6: root@Pineapple:~# launch-mana Mana Toolkit - Pineapple Edition! Device seems to be: ONLINE. RTNETLINK answers: File exists Configuration file: /sd/etc/mana-toolkit/hostapd-mana.conf Using interface wlan1 with hwaddr 00:13:ef:c6:28:38 and ssid "MANA" wlan1: interface state UNINITIALIZED->ENABLED wlan1: AP-ENABLED RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument hostapd-mana is running with pid: 3441 DHCP Server is running with pid: 3466 SSLstrip+ is running with pid: 3533 DNS2Proxy is running with pid: 3535 Exiting! (Error
  4. Hi, thanks for fast reply, the output command: root@Pineapple:/sd# find / -name hostapd-mana /sd/usr/sbin/hostapd-mana I create sym link to files: ln -s /usr/lib/opkg/info/hostapd-mana.control /sd/usr/lib/opkg/info/hostapd-mana.control ln -s /sd/usr/lib/opkg/info/hostapd-mana.list /usr/lib/opkg/info/hostapd-mana.list then redo opkg installation but seems that $PATH isn't configured correctly: opkg --dest sd --force-overwrite install hostapd-mana_2.6-4_ar71xx.ipk Installing hostapd-mana (2.6-4) to sd... Configuring hostapd-mana. root@Pineapple:/sd# launch-mana -ash: l
  5. Hi, i upgraded my pineapple nano to latest fw installed: 2.0.2 Then factory reset and connect it to my access point with wlan2 after that i run the install command from bash and try to run launch-mana but nothing start: root@Pineapple:~# wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/adde88/hostapd-mana/master/INSTALL.sh | bash -s -- -v -v Installing: MANA-Toolkit. Go grab a cup of coffee, this can take a little while... Downloading https://www.wifipineapple.com/nano/packages/Packages.gz. Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/chaos_calmer_pineapple. Downloading
  6. Hi, I already see that site but with it i can get signal with max 50cm range. I need to simulate gps in a large room. We know law and in a shielded room there isn't problem.
  7. Hi, i need to simulate gps signal within a room of 80meters. What hardware do you suggest? Thanks
  8. Hi, specifying the nic is the correct command. Now it's working. Thanks
  9. I already see this page and try it but nothing change, i try many google result but no one can block traffic from mac address (in or out). I try to use NETMODE BRIDGE and NETMODE NAT too. I want to try to restart iptables service but in PS i cannot find service command or /etc/init.d/iptables command, so i don't know how to restart it when in arming mode.
  10. I don't try specifying the nic but i will try. Thanks
  11. Hi, i'm trying to block all connection from a specified mac address but it doesn't work. The payload that i'm using is this: #!/bin/bash # LOCK MAC ADDRESS function setup() { # Show SETUP LED LED SETUP # Set the network mode to NAT NETMODE BRIDGE sleep 7 } function run() { # Show ATTACK LED LED ATTACK # Block all traffic for/from specified mac address iptables -A INPUT -m mac --mac-source 00:12:34:56:78:90 -j DROP sleep 3 } setup run What i'm doing wrong? Thanks
  12. Hi, on my windows 10 it doesn't work. If i try to run the single commands i get this: PS E:\payloads\switch1> $certFile | Import-Certificate -CertStoreLocation cert:\CurrentUser\Root Import-Certificate : Cannot find the requested object. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80092009) At line:1 char:13 + $certFile | Import-Certificate -CertStoreLocation cert:\CurrentUser\R ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Import-Certificate], COMException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.Runtime.Interop
  13. Hi, any news about handshake capture? I'm still get a capture file without handshake even if site survey module say that i got it...
  14. Hi, i notice that when i plug lanturtle in windows 7 pc it can be recognized and install usb 10/100 ethernet card, but in windows 10 i get always nothing installed. So i try to install realtek drivers and it work but how to use it if it doesn't install automatically in windows?
  15. Hi, I'm trying to use a 3g wifi modem to share connection with pineapple wifi mark V. I don't know well, but i must configure the huawei wifi modem with ip address or i can use the default ip of the modem? I must configure something in pineapple or i can use sslstrip? I want to do this Internet <----> wifi modem 3g <-----> wifi pineapple <-----> sslstrip <---> clients Is it possible? how i must configure the pineapple without using eth0 ? thanks
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