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  1. Do most things on the Lenovo x270 with linux on it. Can't remember when I booted up the gaming PC... Who has the time :P
  2. Downloaded and setup, looks good! Thank you!
  3. Can you put it back in to DFU-Mode? If you can you should be able to reflash with the instructions on https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Flashing-ducky
  4. Have to be right version so you don't get a daft touchpad :P
  5. Can say for sure because I don’t have access to a room the size you mention and can’t find where you found the range of it but I recon that a hack rf in the middle of the 80meter room (if shielded so no interference) would do the trick
  6. Sadly I haven’t had the time I would like to play around with it. GNU Radio feels endless :-P
  7. This Github works with both of the ones u mention https://github.com/osqzss/gps-sdr-sim Havn’t tried them but should work in theory. Remember simulating GPS is probably illegal in most countries. And should only be done in RF shielded labs.
  8. Sound brilliant! Looking forward to it! it's brilliant little device!
  9. Like the idea. Put it in a good case and external SMA-connector with a battery inside and a solarpanel on the ouside. Could prob run for quite some time! Thank you PixL
  10. Could you add a small battery too it DIY style?
  11. Love this case that I got only problem is that with Pineapple TETRA + AC Power Long Range USB Wifi HACK RF ONE ANKER Battery metageek wiSpy DBx + Devicefinder Great scott gadgets Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro x2 Packet Squrirrel x2 Rubber Ducky x3 Bash Bunny x2 LANTurtle SD Antennas for Tetra Ethernet Switch the Yellow one USB cables And other misc items. Not until one tries to put it all in one bag when you realise the amount of things. The Nano didn't fit... but it has it's own bag anyway. I need to order a new bag because this one is going to break soon... hehe Thank you for showing the bag link!
  12. When doing it without a SD card is the LED on or off? Maybe your button is broken? If you take the "Hello World"-script from USB-Rubber-Ducky-Github DELAY 2000 CTRL ESC DELAY 2000 STRING notepad.exe ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING HELLO WORLD!!! ENTER And when it's done press the replay button to see if it works to replay. Then you know if the button is broken or not and if it is open a support case with hak5
  13. Have the same issue and with a few different models and brands I've just ordered a few smaller SD cards 4GB and a card holder similar to this from one of our suppliers. I'm going to make a card per model and since it's easy to swap the sd card on a "naked" Rubber Ducky I think thats the best way of doing it. The Bash Bunny i've found is a bit slow to start. However, the Bash Bunny is supper easy to swap beteween two payloads and easy to change the payload since it shows up as a usb drive when in "arming mode". Not tested it with BIOS tasks yet. I'll see if I get around to playing with it some if you want to but I'm gonna go with the Rubber Ducky and extra SD-card for my installs. I can, when I've done the timings of my installs just try it all on the Bash Bunny as well. Might have to open bios manually but the rest will proberly work. What modells do you work with? And what is't you want to do in the BIOS? We have some HP EliteBooks that I PXE-boot in to a MDT-Install, after that I run some settings when they are installed but most is done by the MDT-Install
  14. Tried with a HP EliteBook 8460p and that worked fine. Did some navigation in BIOS and then saved and proceeded to PXE boot the laptop https://pastebin.com/raw/A78iJZBD
  15. I have been playing around a little with it now and yes on my ThinkPad I can enter the BIOS navigate around it do some tasks and then save. I had it plugged in before I powered the laptop. Next I need to time our PXE Boot installs so I can automate that completely! Plug in and forget!
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