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  1. Yes! I tried wlan1 as well and am still seeing the issue. Are you not having the problem? Thanks
  2. Ok I just tested this again with wlan0, and am getting the same result on firmware 1.01. Originally I thought it was related to drivers on my AWUS036NHA, however now I think its a problem with the Mark V. Can anyone confirm or deny that they are experiencing this problem? Thanks
  3. Maybe so..... On mine, up until I changed the wireless settings to the correct channel using the wireless manager infusion, the connection was terrible (last week & tonight). It connected, I got an ip from my AP, but clearly something was wrong. Maybe it was the combo TKIP + AES that was causing the issue ( I also changed it back to straight AES). I don't want to sound ungrateful. I really appreciate the work you, and everyone else at Hak5 do for this community. Thank You!
  4. Yeah I am pretty sure they are different. The encryption was configured correctly this time, however the channel was set to 11 (the AP was broadcasting on 1). That may have been the problem all along. To be honest having made all the changes, trying to fix the problem originally, I may have changed the encryption manually? However the channel issue is real. If you look at the most resent etc/config/wireless, you can see that the network tile picked the wrong one.
  5. For accuracy I changed my AP back to AES + TKIP. Here is my etc/config/wireless after running "wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless && reboot" and configuring wlan1 with network tile/ client tab. http://pastebin.com/XYb418fg Here is my iwlist wlan1 scanning results made after changing the encryption to AES + TKIP. http://pastebin.com/JtGtC503
  6. I changed the setting on my AP to PSK + AES last night when I was testing my device to simplify the process. I will post the configs later tonight. Thanks again
  7. http://pastebin.com/DUuAS7S1 My AP is using WPA2-PSK / AES encryption on channel 1 Thanks - I hope this helps
  8. Have you tried configuring wlan1 using the wireless manager infusion. I had similar problems (internet lag using ICS with wlan1), and determined the configuration set by the network tab had the encryption type and channel wrong. By adjusting the settings either by editing /etc/config/wireless, or using the wireless manager infusion, you might get better results. Good Luck
  9. I just noticed that airmon-ng seems to be stuck on channel -1. Using my Alfa AWUS036NHA set to wlan2 in monitor mode, when I run airodump-ng mon0, I see the channel stuck. Anyone else experiencing the same, or have a fix.
  10. From my perspective even with the network encryption patch, there is still a problem with the pineapple detecting the encryption type of some APs. After some tinkering, I determined that my problem with slow connection speed using wireless connection sharing, was due to the pineapple selecting the wrong encryption type and channel. When using the network tile, with the client tab. I was connected using channel 11 (same as wlan0) and AES, despite my AP being on channel 6 with TKIP + AES. Its not a big deal fixing it using the wireless manager infusion, once you realize the problem (took me a week).
  11. I thought I read somewhere that seb mentioned adding the ability to change the time zone. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried everything you have suggested. I think it might be something with wlan1. If I connect my laptop to the pineapple that is using wireless ICS, and brows, its not too laggy. However if I connect my laptop to my home ap, and brows the ip:1471, (assigned to wlan1) the page usually times out. Sometimes it loads but its is painful. Like wise I can make a ssh connection to wlan1, but it usually closes the connection after a few minutes.
  13. After a reboot it still would not connect to my ap. I ran changemac -c rebooted and was able to connect. Something is messed up still, cause despite being connected, my internet sharing speed is terrible. I think it is still an issue with ICS over wireless. Trying to brows anything while wirelessly tethered (wlan1 connected to home ap, laptop connected to wlan0 ssid), pages time out, ssh sessions crash, etc. While when tethered over Ethernet, their are no problems. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? I'm starting to get the sense that this is hardware related.
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