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  1. Thanks for the advice Re-born. That's what is so great about this place .....education?
  2. Please Mr Kitchen, how cool would it be if the Hak5 Shop sold Rob Fuller, aka Mubix from Metasploit Minute, Hak cap! Check out any one of his episodes to sus it out for yourself.
  3. Just a thought, you do have an SD card and correctly engaged
  4. RTFM is a good approach from the get go, Oh and by the way Read The Fuc}ing Manual !!
  5. I assume that you are using wireless setup. If it was me I'd be running CAT 5 in the the wall to your modem
  6. Please post your results as they may help other person. Good luck.
  7. Chris, I started watching your vids before I met Hak5. Please keep up the great work, many people, including myself don't miss them. Best wishes from Aust.
  8. I was showing my wife the Mark V she got me for my birthday after it arrived today. I said it's not very big and she said it's not all about size.......rude ;-D
  9. My wife bought me a Ducky and now for my birthday a Mark V ....oh yes!!! We'll she lost the stickers, contacted Darren and he fixed it right up. That's what I call service.
  10. Does the old adage of "you get what you pay for" apply here? If this is so, is it better to define a custom machine to your purpose and negotiate a pre price comparison with the vender?
  11. Can you take a Mark 5 pineapple out of the box and plug and play with a Windows 7 box or do you need to run a virtual machine on the Windows box first. I ask as VM machine scares the hell out of me. Full cred to those very kind souls who help answer and fix this and other problems. I don't know if they go by a handle. They check in on the new stuff posted page at the Hak5 Forum each day where they find the new stuff...easy stuff,(like mine and hard stuff like, What is the answer............... forty ummm?)sniff over your problem and we the end user expect the world and they expect nothing for just helping. A rant, sorry to all. Ps. One smart trick to problem solving is give as much info as you can ( no book writing). And check the forum first to see if some problem like yours has already been fixed. Enough said, and I'll be the first to be told that my request is in the Forum :-/ all good fun. many thanks for taking the time to read this :-D
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