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  1. Good call on the PDF. I have in my desk, but out on the road it would be good to have a PDF copy of it.
  2. Hey guys, Just working with sslstrip on my pineapple and just got resource error. Makes sense since the pineapple does not have a whole lot of internal storage. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled on SD card and that seemed to fix it. Just curious if this was the only way of doing it or is there a way of selecting where to store the dump file? Should I reinstall tcpdump on the SD card to avoid running out of room too? Just curious if this is the only way.
  3. I agree completely. The Mark V is a great tool. It might have a bug here or there, but Darren and Seb are constantly working on improving it, and show no signs of giving up. It's a community driven tool, that everyone is helping make better by posting the bug reports, and everyone, not just Darren and Seb are doing their best to fix and make this even better. The pineapple will do a lot of things, and is not geared towards just one aspect. There are a lot of thing you can do, once you have all the traffic flowing through you. I definitely give it a buy, but it's your call.
  4. Hey guys, I just dug a pineapple out of a long-term deployment... It's still running V1.0... Is there any issues going from 1.0 up to 1.1, or should I step it up version by version?
  5. Pretty much. The USB makes it nice because if you happen to run out of time, the slurp just runs in the background until you return with the USB key. Darren did an episode of Hak5 on this script, I don't know the episode off the top of my head, but I'm sure it can't be too hard to find.
  6. Well there's the ducky slurp that does automatic backups. Darren Kitchen and OverWraith put this together. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30179-payload-duck-slurp-v2-silent/?hl=+duck%20+slurp Maybe this will inspire you.
  7. Fair enough. Though, my thought is major corporations won't have an issue dropping a few grand is someone is messing with their wifi lol.
  8. Hey guys, Just stumbled upon this piece of tech. If it wasn't Fluke, I might not believe it worked well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV4q549n4yI It has a locate function (3:50) that may get someone close enough to your hidden pineapple. Good to know about if you want to do remote management, since this is a lot easier than running airodump-ng and walking around with a laptop lol.
  9. Any thoughts on running on sealed lead-acid batteries? I'm not a very electrical guy, but will it survive a 12v 4.5Ah battery. Or is that too much juice? I have a good connection through my work for them and was curious for long term deployment as they go all the way to 12Ah at work.
  10. Ah, so they all are individual APs with the same SSID hardwired together?
  11. Hi Guys, Once again I have a real world application question. I'm currious if anyone has done this or has the answer for it. Since a repeater is similar to a client, can the pineapple deauth a wifi repeater and trick it to connecting to the pineapple? The environment I have in mind is a campus where the wifi is an open network, but somehow in this massive building you always have a good signal (I'm thinking they have placed a lot of repeaters around the place) I'm currious because I have heard of some techs will daisy chain repeaters to stretch the coverage and if you could hook one, you could hook a large area, meaning a very large pool of potential amusement. I look forward to your thoughts. - SF
  12. Hi guys, I'm not too sure how to word this but I am going to make this as clear as possible. I have mark IV pineapple with up to date firmware. I have had trouble with my Alfa adapter being a reliable relay and have had the idea to use an old Android phone instead. My question is can connect the android phone to a wireless router and then share that connection with the pineapple via USB tethering? I have two reasons for this. To have a GUI for wifi connection and to reduce battery drain on the pineapple juice, due to the internal battery in the phone. What do you guys think?
  13. Hey guys, Is anyone having issues with their card turning off after a period of time? I'm running mark IV 2.7 firmware, a NHA card that came with the pineapple. I have been getting the card to boot up and scan but after a little while the card just turns itself off. This happens with my old alfa card too. Any ideas?
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