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Found 1 result

  1. The latest firmware the Pineapple now has a fantastic amazing new feature - built in the drivers for various USB wifi chipsets. Primarily the Ath9k driver from what I can tell so far. In order to use this guide you'll need a supported USB wifi dongle and a MKIV Pineapple. I used a TP-Link WN722N (Also works well with reaver). Before you buy a wifi adaptor please google the model number to determine its chipset. Supported USB Wifi Devices: A small list of devices running Ath9K - http://linuxwireless...oducts/external TP-Link WN722N - $22 - http://www.tp-link.c...model=TL-WN722N ALFA AWUS036NHA Assumptions: You'll be connecting to an existing access point that's running WPA2 encryption & you know the password for the network. Your pineapple is running v2.4 or greater. To begin, connect your wifi adaptor to the pineapple and issue the command iwconfig[/CODE] To confirm you adaptor is compatible there should be an entry for wlan1 in the list. wlan0 is the pineapple's internal wifi adaptor. Next you'll need to create your wpa supplicant configuration file. WPA supplicant is the program used to negotiate WPA2 encryption and the configuration file holds your network password. [CODE]vi /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf[/CODE] Press the i key then paste this text in the file, then save the file by typing these characters :wq [CODE]network={ ssid="Your network name here" psk="Your password here" }[/CODE] To save myself from entering the ip forwarding commands each time I put them in a shell script. Create the script file in your home directory and insert the following code. Follow the step above for inserting text into the vi editor. The script makes some assumptions, such as you haven't changed the ip range for the pineapple wireless lan and that the usb wifi adaptor you plugged in is wlan1. The script will also clear any existing iptables, if you have iptables entries you don't want lost remove the -F and -X lines. [CODE]vi ~/wireless_connect.sh[/CODE] [CODE]#!/bin/sh #Change the Mac address of the usb wifi to something random. ifconfig wlan1 down macchanger -A wlan1 ifconfig wlan1 up #WPA2 - Let's assume we're going to connect to a WPA2 network wpa_supplicant -B -D nl80211 -i wlan1 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf #WEP - Uncomment if you want to conect to a WEP network #iwconfig wlan1 mode managed key your_key_here #iwconfig wlan1 essid "your access point name here" #OPEN - Uncomment if you want to conect to a WEP network #iwconfig wlan1 essid "your access point name here" #Setup ipforwarding via iptables. echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward #Reset iptables iptables -F iptables -X iptables -A FORWARD -o wlan1 -i br-lan -s -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -jACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE #Wait for 6 seconds to give enough time for association. sleep 6 #Grab an ip via DHCP udhcpc -i wlan1[/CODE] Change the permissions of your script so you can execute it. [CODE]chmod +x ~/wireless_connect.sh[/CODE] Execute the script and then if all goes well you'll have internet on the pineapple which can be shared out to clients that connect to the Karma/Pineapple SSID. No more needing a USB 3G dongle. [CODE]cd ~ ./wireless_connect.sh[/CODE] [u][b]Troubleshooting[/b][/u] [b]It does not associated with the access point [/b] [indent=1]Bummer. Try running the WPA supplicant connection without the -B flag. The -B mode makes it run as a daemon task in the background.[/indent] [indent=1]wpa_supplicant -Dnl80211 -iwlan1 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf[/indent] [indent=1]Check the errors that are output for a hint as to what's going wrong. If it complains about the wireless driver change the text 'nl80211' (This is the driver that worked for my TP-Link USB stick) to wext.[/indent] [b]It does not get an ip via DHCP[/b] [indent=1]Did you check that wpa_supplicant could associate with the access point? If it does associate correctly then perhaps there is no DHCP server running on that network. Try setting an ip address manually for the wlan1 adaptor.[/indent] [indent=1]ifconfig wlan1[/indent] [b]Karma wont start after running the above steps[/b] [indent=1]I had this issue running version 2.4.1. Upgrading to 2.5.0 corrected this issue. Unsure what the cause was, perhaps it was some other development of my own interfering.[/indent] [b]How do I test to see if it's working?[/b] [indent=1]ping google.com Did it reply with a ping? It's working, if not damn something has gone wrong.[/indent]
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