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  1. Hi !! I have a question ! Now that SimCity is playable offline, isn't it possible to hack it ? Especially for Mac ;) Thx
  2. Hi ! I know that you can already find a small number of payloads on Github, but there are many more that have been created by the community. For example, we found none for Android on GitHub. And, I have experienced the difficulty to find exactly what I need ;) That's why I think it would be a good initiative to gather as much as possible payloads on this topic. If you have created an effective and fun on, or if you use regularly one made by another member, why not post it below to share it ? (select those who are not already on GitHub for the moment please) If you are interested, try to complete a short form of this type and post it below. Title : Author : Target : Description : Obviously, if it does not seem to be a good idea, let me know -_-
  3. If someone knows the episode, post it there please !
  4. That looks interesting, thanks ! So we can conclude that the Exfiltration pack just add a USB key ?
  5. I have the same problem on OSX... When I plug the URB in my computer, holding the button, it doesn't do anything ! It doesn't launch the inject.bin, and my Mac doesn't recognize any device...
  6. Ok, I understand why it didn't work now :D Thanks !
  7. Hi, I'm trying to use the URD on an Android phone. I've created a little "Hello World", but it doesn't affect the mobile... There is no green led on the URD, and the OTG connector is only detected as a multimedia stand... Do I have to change the firmware ? Help me please
  8. Do you get a message asking to replace or not the "inject.bin" already installed on your URB ?
  9. Hi, I can't understand how to create a new package for sublime text 2. I would like to change the color of the different commands (DELAY, ALT, or STRING) and the color of the "text" (1000, Hello World,...). Does someone have already it ? Thanks
  10. I'm not sure to understand all of it but, do you know a possible use of it, with a script ? Isn't it possible to use automatically to save files found on a computer using the URD ?
  11. Hi ! Does someone know what is the interest of the exfiltrator ? Do you know a concrete use of it ? An example ?
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