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  1. yes off topic. But good conversation... I provid the answer he was looking for. Like spoon feeding a toddler... 🤗🤗 Joking. he must have moved on or given up.
  2. Ill have to make a video of how I accomplish things. I have made it as far as I can with my web projects. Until I get a chromebook. curlftp. Ssh ftp http. I use these to make modification to the remote web server running rails. And omg my phone just displayed a news article. https://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-for-the-gemini-pda/ If this device could serve as a replacement cell phone.
  3. this android is the biggest frustration. I have been developing a few websites from this phone and I have given up until I get my chromebook.
  4. I do everything from my android. A screen shot lol
  5. Lol ahh... I do everything from my android 🙂 ssome typos in my post...
  6. Crunch will now generate the following number of lines: 335544320 The reason I asked for help with this multiplication. Crunch reports 335544320 lines and mathematically I can't prove this is accurate
  7. Amazon link to chromebook flip 4 core. Led backlit keyboard. 9 hour battery. Possible upgradable ssd. My wife got me the flip but I can't have it until xmas. it will my web development machine. I think it will be capable of some older gaming. Counterstrike 1.6 warccraft III. ill start off with a duel boot linux mint configuration with maybe gnome shell 3 for a nice looking tablet style interface. Any one running Linux on a chrome book? Or specifically any one running linux on a asus chromebook flip?
  8. I miss lead these people to a improper math statement. 36**5 is doable as some one said above with a 1080ti would do this in 105 seconds. Here is the answer to the original post. asus@asus:~$ crunch 12 12 "0987654321ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV" -t 0MGSM2%@@@@@ Crunch will now generate the following amount of data: 4362076160 bytes 4160 MB 4 GB 0 TB 0 PB Crunch will now generate the following number of lines: 335544320 If you are only using Capital letters and 0-9 then only 4 gigs of data is generated. how do you do the math when the 7th char is only 0-9 then 5 chars 0-9+A-Z. 36**5 = 60466176 60466176*10 ? Educate me some one lol.
  9. ("0".."9").to_a+("a".."z").to_a+("A".."Z").to_a.permutation(6).each{|x| puts("0MGSM2"+x.join) } save this one liner as file.rb. test Run it like the 2 commamds below. Ruby file.rb or ruby file.rb > OMGA.list here is a modified version that for speed will save to a file. g=File.new("OGSM.list", +a) ("0".."9").to_a+("a".."z").to_a+("A".."Z").to_a.permutation(6).each{|x| f.puts("0MGSM2"+x.join) } f.close The above should be quicker then the console method . But I haven't tested to confirm this... there is no output for this method but you should expect to see something like this in your OSGM.list Expected output 0MGSM0ABHXIN 0MGSM9ABHXIO 0MGSM8ABHXIP 0MGSM7ABHXIQ 0MGSM6ABHXIR 0MGSM5ABHXIS 0MGSM4ABHXIT 0MGSM3ABHXIU 0MGSM2ABHXIV 0MGSM1ABHXIW crunch 12 12 "0987654321abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV" -t 0MGSM2%@@@@@ This should work for your crunch command. Its 79 gigs. % = 0-9 @= a-z A-Z 0-9 And this one below is 4 gigs and maybe what your looking for. crunch 12 12 "0987654321ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV" -t 0MGSM2%@@@@@
  10. post a example short list of what you expect to see. A-Z 0-9 total 36 characters correct? 5 places of each random character? 5 to the 36th power 5**36=14551915228366851806640625 what's your performance of your gpu' s if you had one 1080ti gpu and your cracking wpa with this word list. here is how many seconds it would take you to complete this task ((5**36)/580000)/(24*60) => 17423270148906671 if you had one hundred 1080ti's here is the amount of time you need to complete the is process. ((5**36)/(580000*100))/(24*60) => 174232701489066 wait. i think that's how many days you need to process this list...
  11. its all automation like clock work. If you clone the site, you could easily add or modify this data before it gets sent out.
  12. Ok. I have a idea. a proxy that clones the target or destination address. Get /amazonDotCom set toolkit-clone amazonDotCom Provide fresh-cloned-new-response to the client. There doesn't work on everything. Its doable. Arpspoof is the best mitm tool I use. iptables to redirect all traffic back and forth on the network. Or from Client <-> proxy-tamper.rb wont be hard to do in bash. Automate what you want to happen. I can make This for you. I prefer ruby but I have worked with people befor that built half of a toolkit project build. direct message me.
  13. For what you want to do. man in the middle vs amazon may be impossible for publicly available tools... you should learn this stuff. fallow a ettercap filter tutorial... follow sslstrip tutorials... It might work if by chance the web surfer visits a out of date web server or if the advertisement on the screen uses http protocol or not encrypted traffic... I have a video of doing exactly what your asking for. I made a mitm ruby proxy that would replace any executable with a meterpreter.exe during the download process. it would depend on the traffic being not encrypted or at least when sslstrip worked.
  14. There might already be some man-in-the-middle tools that provide this types of technique. To do this yourself will take research, it's not that hard to accomplish but also not that simple to explain. The quickest suggestion I have is with a ettercap filter. What I have done in the past with a ettercap filter, replace a html lstring like </TITTLE> with your payload </TITTLE><iframe SRC=rat.exe> do research on ettercap. Learn what works and does not work.
  15. if your learning python. don't use bash or pipes to grep your information. Get the information you need with python. System('Iw dev'){ |input,output,thread| write.input('type yes to save') print(output) Print thread.pid.info If thread.poop then thread.kill.pid End } This code is generic. check if python has a lib popen3. Write to stdin, read stdout, get pid and thread information. Use python to get the information you need.
  16. I would use 'iw dev' (i think)all of the linux wireless networking software is a wrapper of `iw` iw dev |grep -i grep interface. System('iw dev'){ |line| if line include?('interface') puts line.split[1] #=> wlan End End Just a ruby snip. what if you have multiple wireless interfaces. I would assume you don't want the one associated with a access point. So further system variable checks would need to be made... I'm unsure of your plan. Automatic wifi attacks?
  17. python permutation might be faster. Here is how i do it in ruby [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9].permutation{|x| f.puts(x.join)} Edit this one produces the correct results. [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9].repeated_permutation(6){|x| puts x.join} http://rubyfiddle.com/riddles/69c8c Test the code with the link I was looking at cuda libs for ruby to see if things can run quicker. You should check python for cuda libs.
  18. Crunch. ./crunch 10 10 -t 206%%%%%%% -o /root/206.txt 206 Seattle Washington phone number area code. Personal phone numbers and 1800-provider numbers are commonly used. edit.. I didn't read the entire post.typically pipe the results to pyrite or hashcat instead of generating a file.
  19. I was recording my network during the time of the mass alert text message. What I found is my current gps location, contacts list and phone operating system version and other device information was sent to a server with insecure plain text protocol. This was a proof of concept alert(hello world) test. Direct code injection on a mass scale. Ill post my findings on github.
  20. Here is what I completed today. I do all my coding from my android phone to a remote server from when I'm sitting in 2hours of traffic to and from work. (The remote server is my debian router) Syntax highlighting... its almost sublime text in the browser and android friendly. Sit down at any web browser or phone and start working on your project. I have a slick looking file tree already to go. This will speed up productivity and eliminate the everyday struggles I experience with only having a phone in my pocket... cheers...
  21. Ill give you some props here. I also have been working on a router Front end. debian based router. Rails server and bootstrap styles. this page shows a live stream of my current wifi signal strength in real time. I plan to add basic wifi tools for network management and then exploit tools. Live data stream from console applications is the proof of concept seen in the picture. this is a basic template I made I can now duplicate for other tasks like running reaver for example and see the live data stream at the front end.
  22. This user is a drive by poster... CONTENT COUNT 1 1 JOINED September 13 September 13 LAST VISITED September 13 September 13
  23. im looking for a web browser ide that i could run from my current rails app that will provide a sublime-text style interface. currently my solution involves coding this myself ? this is turning into a time consuming project before i even get to start my actual project. i hope to find suggestions that work out of the box for my rubyonrails/linux server. it wont be a hard thing to do for a very basic file editor, but trying to incorporate all the basic needs and features like undo, file backup create new files, or session management. god the list could go on for days. so far i have 2 plug-ins that will do the majority of the work. jquery.treeView and Ace-Code-editor... both of these would provide the basic look i need for a sublime-text environment ... but im struggling to implement treeView with rails... any tips suggestions or ruby on rails fans have input. i appreciate your help.
  24. I have notice this a few years ago when I made a pi mana mobile box. ( not the frame in wire shark but the lack of connectivity ) during the testing around my house I notice the samsung s5 and other Old android devices would connect but anything newer didn't. I drove around expecting hundreds of connections but not the case. People replace phones rather quickly these days and automatic updates are becoming more frequent.
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