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  1. So about 10 months ago i started learning pen testing and not like being a hacker or anon or mr robot type but like a decent security analyst since i am a 2nd year software engineer with some weakness in the field of programming which i am trying to improve; main story is that i took an online course to learn ethical hacking but the course was designed in 2015 and i took it in 2017 and 80% of those hacks are obsolete(even day by day) but respecting the fact that i am able to now work 90% of my work around those pen testing tools on my own but i feel really upset for the fact that i am making those exploits from the old 2015 course work 5x faster and more efficient using the help of github i know its not right but i am still really far behind so i want to know from you the top security analysts that is at times using github to work efficiently with your pen testing a helpful way to start? sure as time will pass i am starting to develop my own exploits like a keylogger which i have recently developed on my own. is it a good way to start from github and then develop using my own ignoring what i have learned which is now useless since everything gets patched daily
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