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  1. Are you asking what the payload does?
  2. Too bad it's not running something M$, but of course that'd remove the challenge, right?
  3. I just wish it worked on more then 1~2 specific ATI cards. =(
  4. gawd this thread is ~still~ going strong. usb hax ftw :P
  5. I agree, very few [if any] have that much space available. I'm seeding the Rainbow Tables, and have room for 150GB more for this project, but 1.5TB is not an option for me. :cry: Of course, that brings up the question, who is going to build an interface that sits on a web-server that connects to 30x different boxes, of which will probably all have dynamic IP addresses. Even with services like DynDNS, it could be flaky at best.
  6. Hmmm, it looks like NTLM and MD5 are the choice of the community. Should we try to tackle both, or would that be too much? @melco, I have the same issue on a dual core box, and had to just do the same thing...run 2x/4x instances of the app. :( Any-who, I'm game for either NTLM or MD5.
  7. Watched quite a few episodes, but never registered on the forums. So...HI! =)
  8. MD5 seems to be popular choice so far...but I'm new to this table generating business. Anyone know what we need to do to get started? :)
  9. Ditto...maybe we can start hosting the tables via BitTorrent or something to contribute? :cry: I wanna help! :D
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