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  1. Thanks. Worked for me!
  2. Sounds like a driver issue. Can you list the manufacture/model/chipsets of your USB Wireless Interfaces?
  3. After a reset the UI should be located at and you would ssh into as well
  4. apt-get cache wtf | grep what?

    1. aPices


      Yeah I just typed tried to apt-get cache something.

      Off to bed!

  5. That's not the typical usage scenario. The idea is to share internet from your computer to the pineapple . This makes you the 'man-in-the-middle'. You wont have the luxury of plugging a pineapple into the router at your local coffee shop or any other hotspot.
  6. Have you followed the directions laid out on the wiki? Quick Start Guide (Windows) The Linux portion of the guide would be similar to getting it up and running on OS X I would go through and read up on everything in the wiki (at the very least)! http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/wiki/doku.php
  7. It's much easier to manage modules and improves security from a pentester's point of view (among other things). As you now know, /pineapple provides a redirect. You leverage this for various things including phishing attacks, fake landing pages, etc. For example, I've used the redirect to hook my victims into BeEF which in turn integrates with metasploit. After that its all fun and games...for starters I like to play some random .wav files or turn their webcams on/off.
  8. He stated its redirecting so that answers itself.
  9. You should look into running Linux in a virtual environment. Try VMware or Virtualbox. Virtualbox (free) vmware on mac vmware on win
  10. Pineapple UI has been separated from public html. Pineapple UI is now located at Port can be changed in the config menu. Pineapple files are now found at "/pineapple/"
  11. This took more research than coding did. I first started looking into web based virtual machine managers like phpvirtualbox but everything used php5. Then I hopped on the vmware community site and discovered VMWare Workstation 9 + WSX Server. WSX adds the web based functionality on top of the server. http://communities.v...mtn/desktop/wsx
  12. Last night I started putting together a module that allows you control virtual machines from the pineapple control center. Let me know if this is something that interests anyone. http://youtu.be/7QQEI1Univ0?hd=1
  13. After replacing the RP-SMA my range improved significantly. I hope this issue gets addressed on HakShop level.
  14. See if it works on another computer. This will tell you if its a script problem or a computer problem. I would test it myself but I let one of my friends borrow mine. I would go ahead and try encoding it on a different computer too. Make sure none of this is enabled when encoding your script: http://tlt.its.psu.e...l#international Check for any num lock, fn lock (function key), scroll lock, etc.
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